The figures of apps in the apps store are growing to a great extent. If you look at the stats, the number sits in the billions. According to some stats, last year, there were more than 218 million app downloads. So, it is an established fact that the number is only growing to grow.

With these flourishing numbers, work aggressively as a developer to be noticeable. Then, how do you stand in the crowd? And the most vital question is, how do you reach the rank of an optimizing and well-ranking app? In these attributes, you need to make sure o the intent you need to serve.

Among the numerous ways to work on optimizing app optimizing strategies, one of the significant ways is to optimize the app, on the app store. You need to come up with a strategic plan for marketing your app.


But first, let’s start by ironing out the concept of App Store Optimization. An app requires a lot of time to develop with a high figure of investments. The most popular app stores are Google Play Store and Apple store for iOS. The ASO facilitates significantly and makes sure they are reachable to reach the desired audience.

What Is App Store Optimization?

Before going in to the process of mobile app development, take a look at ASO. The world now fits into a compatible device that is present to humans at hand. May it be any kind of activity, you can do everything. The ASO is a subsection of SEO. It allows your app to reach a wider audience and reach everyone.

The science behind ASO is to make the app optimizable and occur at the top list. In this method, you apply the scientific method to mobile KPIs interconnected to the app stores. ASO is surrounded by certain factors; it does work like SEO, but considering its factors there is more to it. The three major factors are,

  • Keyword rate optimization
  • Integration of keyword
  • Measurement

Furthermore, the algorithms that works for ASO are not known and may change occasionally. However, there things that you can work on to increase the rankings.

  • Benefits About App Store Optimization
  • It helps in increasing the visibility of an app.
  • You can experience better revenue and conversion rates.
  • The ASO store help in getting relevant and targeted customers.

The Importance of App Store Optimization for Growth of An App

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Difference between ASO and SEO

The full form for ASO is – App Store Optimization. The word SEO and ASO, shares a similar function, keyword optimization. Both have the function of backlinks, conversion optimization, and keyword indexing. The primary difference is SEO is conducted to optimize websites for Google. Besides, ASO is carried out to rank and optimize apps in the app store.

While SEO has a long way surrounding several factors, ASO has a much shorter method. They are easier to determine and work with. You can take a look at the list to see the integral differences between the two.

On – Page On – Page
Title Page

Internal Link

Page Speed

Topic Of the Content
Title Of the App


Keywords (iOS, Android)

Uninstall Rate

Off – Page

Off – Page


Social Signals

Anchor Text




Difference Between Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Both of the app stores are very familiar, each operates in their way but offers some purpose to users. It is where you can search and download apps of your like. Nevertheless, the app stores offer their own algorithms, and you have to work to optimize an apps. While developing apps, you need to decide where you want to publish it. with these app stores, you have other choices like Amazon app store, Huawei App Gallery, or Samsung Galaxy Apps.

Bot the platforms serves the same purpose but have a different take on indexing and evaluating apps. Google Play Store runs the similar evaluation process to that of Google Search. Moreover, in the Google indexing process, it is suggested to index the keywords at least three times. On the flip side, The Apple Store provides to play with specific keywords, but they should be played more than once.

How To Do ASO: The Best Practices for Optimization in The App Store

This section will look into how to improve rankings of your app in ASO. These can work for both iOS and Android phone apps.

1.      A Complete Description

A description matters a lot in making an app, and promoting it. As a developer you need to create an impact on the audience and target the customer base. This is a vital step in creating a customer base to have a potential clientele. The description should include the following:

  • About the app in simple and a precise tone.
  • Do not make overuse of keywords and talk what people can understand.
  • Write a clear description and do not use a keyword more than 5 times.
  • It should grab the attention of the audience in the first 100 characters.
  • Talk about the USP of your app and enlist its benefits

2.      App Title

The title of the app is what will make people download it. the name should make people instantly take a look back and should explain what is the app about. Do not forget to include relevant keywords that can result at a good place at the play store. The title of the apps has to be appealing that targets the user to click and download.

3.      Add Keywords Wisely

Keywords can completely change the app stature making it optimize at the top of the store. Keywords works best in the interest of ASO. The right way to reach the audience is utilizing keywords and if the keywords match one can easily reach the app. But, do not add irrelevant keywords or such words that are related to a competitor’s name.

4.      Use The Best of Screenshots

Use templates to make the outlook of an app intriguing. people are attracted by looking at the screenshots and they will download on how it looks. set a bold and attractive color theme, se multiple screenshots, to enhance the presentation. It is always suggested to add previews, and screenshots to give a great impression.

Pro Tip:

Always pick a theme and work on the texts of the app, it should be in sync and match with the nature of your app.

5.      Make Use of App Ratings and Reviews

Most of the audience trust and look out for what other people has to say, in short people believe in reviews. keep the review and rating panel open to audience. it will increase the credibility of the app; The reviews will be the highest validation point and will determine the rankings on ASO.

The End Note

ASO is a vital in factor in making an app successful. Developers work their way in an astounding manner to surpass the competition. the above-mentioned tips along with useful acquisition will only help obtaining positive results.

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