Technology is also at the service of the elderly. The mobile application market offers a wide variety of tools that can be very useful for the elderly and the control of their health.

We review some applications that can improve or contribute to improving the health of the elderly. Although there is still a generational digital divide, more and more older people are turning to technology. The distance between the level of use of ICT by young people and the elderly is reduced every time the latter discover the potential and functionalities of digital tools.

In a way adapted to the needs of this sector of the population, more and more elderly people make use of communication and information technologies. The use of smartphones among the elderly is skyrocketing and far from fulfilling the basic mission of talking on the phone, there are many who go further and have applications on their smartphones that help them with their daily tasks. Adapted to their needs and the limitations that age can bring, telephones become true allies that allow them to lead a more comfortable life and allow them to make the most of ICT tools.

Top mobile apps to improve the health of the elderly

If the phone can bring any benefit to the elderly, it is the possibility of having applications that improve their health. They are tools that remember the dosage of the medication, help train the mind, or do physical activity. In this article we review some of the mobile applications that can be of great help for this population range.


Many seniors take medication several times a day. Having some control in taking daily medication can be of great help. With this purpose, Medisafe was born, a mobile application for the management of medications whose objective is that the elderly forget to take them. Medisafe allows, in a simple and very intuitive way, to add the medications that must be taken, as well as receive reminders and alarms to take the corresponding medication. Notify through a call, an email or a message.

In addition, this application confirms to family members and caregivers that the patient has taken their medication, or if there has been an error in the medication they should have taken.
Another interesting utility of this application is that it also notifies you when the medication is coming to an end, so that you can go buy the medication at the pharmacy.

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Medicine alarm

Along the same lines as Medisafe, there is Medicine Alarm. For the elderly and also for their relatives or carers, it can be worrying to remember and control the taking of their medications. With Medicine Alarm we can be calmer in this sense, since it allows us to add all the necessary prior information about the medication, such as the name of the pill, the time it is taken or the number of times a day to take it , for example. When the time comes, an alarm will sound with the dose to be taken.

In addition, this application includes other options that can be very interesting for monitoring health and well-being, such as adding medical history, symptoms, or height and weight.


With age, the appearance or development of certain types of diseases is more common. This is the case of diabetes, very common among the elderly. It is a condition that requires rigorous control. To help in this task, SocialDiabetes arises. It is an app that helps improve treatment control by recording blood glucose, insulin, carbohydrates, medications or physical activity, among other aspects, directly on the smartphone.

Allows you to connect your device with the glycemic controls of your glucometer. In addition, it connects with health personnel, who will be able to monitor diabetes remotely. It also allows you to share this information with family members or caregivers.


The well-being and health of all, including the elderly, is associated with a life in which physical activity occupies part of our daily lives. Walking is one of the activities that specialists recommend to improve our health. With this app it will be easier to know how much we walk every day.

It’s about Pedometer, it’s available for Android and iOs, completely free of charge, and it’s an incentive to know how much we move and to focus on physical activity. In addition, it is especially simple and intuitive for any user. It is enough to carry the phone with you for the counter to start it.

Records the number of steps the user takes each day, as well as distance, calorie consumption, time spent walking or speed.

Train your brain

Memory is also part of the health of the elderly, so taking care of it, training it, motivating it and exercising it must be part of the healthy lifestyle of the elderly. By training memory, it improves quality of life and slows down aging.
One way to do it is with the help of this app that contains different types of games and levels.

In Train your brain, users will find games to repeat sequences, to find pairs of cards, to remember figures and numbers, to memorize patterns, to associate objects or to retain elements of different images. It can be played alone or in company and is an example of how technology helps in the goal of achieving a healthy mens, healthy body.

Smart Blood Pressure

It is also very common among the population over a certain age to have some tension problems. It is one of the most widespread health problems among the elderly, so it does not hurt to have an application that helps keep it at bay. One of them could be Smart Blood Pressure.

It is of great help to prevent hypertension or to control it if you already have a diagnosis. With this mobile application you can track your measurements, write down all the doctor’s instructions, see how your blood pressure evolves over time since you started taking the medication. In addition, it allows you to connect it with heart rate measurement devices, such as activity bracelets. Is free.

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