It seems that HBO Max may disappear from the market faster than it appeared on it, thanks to the merger of Warner Bros with Discovery, which took place a few months ago. It turns out that the combination of the VOD offer of two different platforms is not as smooth as expected.

HBO is to disappear from the name HBO Max

The merger of Warner Bros and Discovery has big repercussions for the HBO Max offer. The new management strongly limits spending on new content and intends to focus on how to make the content streaming business profitable, not just generating costs. One of the most important issues is also the naming of the new application that will combine the content of both companies.

So far, we have two applications in the US – HBO Max, where there are of course HBO series, as well as Warner Bros and Discovery+, where there are mainly TV content from the Discovery and CNN channels. In Poland, it is even more complicated, because Discovery, after taking over the TVN station, also has shares in the Player application, which somehow replaces Discovery Plus. At the moment, it is not known what will happen to Player in the future and what the HBO Max offer will look like.

HBO Max service will disappear from the United States

It is certain, however, that in the spring of next year, the HBO Max service will disappear from the United States and will probably be called simply – Max. The company’s bosses do not want HBO to remain in the name, because even if it adds prestige to the application, it also predetermines the content, and the new application will offer much more content than just series.

It seems that Warne Bros/Discovery intends to take inspiration from Disney and will create several different sections in its app, with HBO productions, Warner Bros movies, Discovery programs and CNN offers. Even more importantly, it is not known what the cost of the new service will be, currently with HBO Max ad-free you have to pay USD 14.99, and Discovery + – USD 6.99.

Both platforms, according to data as of Q3 2022, had about 95 million subscribers worldwide, so they are significantly behind market leaders such as Netflix and Disney+, which have over 200 million customers. The head of the combined concern, David Zaslav, however, claims that he does not intend to fight for new customers at all costs. Instead, it intends to focus on increasing advertising revenue and reducing costs. Some of these decisions have already been implemented, which will probably affect the company’s offer in the coming months.

We are facing a considerable rotation of content on HBO Max, because in November a lot of movies and series will be removed, and at the same time the service canceled its own productions. However, there are also announcements of the premiere of a true classic, whose debut may herald big changes on HBO Max.

Westworld and Tuca and Berite canceled by HBO

We recently learned about the cancellation of the series “Westworld”, which for some was a big shock, and for others an obvious move by HBO. “Westworld” was at one point one of the most important and biggest series for HBO, but subsequent seasons did not confirm this at all. Opinions on the new episodes were divided, and the viewership was not the greatest. David Zaslav’s decision to cancel another costly project is therefore a continuation of the current policy, so we should not be surprised by this turn of events.

It is also worth noting that “Tuca and Bertie” was also canceled. After Netflix dropped the title, Adult Swim (creating “Rick and Morty”) took over, but after two new seasons, viewers again learned about the abandonment of the project. Series creator Lisa Hanawalt is keen to continue working on the series, so it’s possible the production will find a new home.

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More than 40 movies will disappear from HBO Max (November 2022). Full list

Meanwhile, HBO Max users should be ready to remove over 40 titles from the service’s offer. Among them are real classics, such as “Braveheart – Brave heart” and newer productions, such as “Detectives of minors”. The service also gets rid of the films from the “Mission: Impossible” and “Shape of Water” series, which is a big loss for the HBO Max catalog, because they are really popular and loud productions.

Oscar-winning “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” will also disappear from HBO Max. The full list of titles removed from HBO Max until the end of November, thanks to Upflix, is below with Title  and Deleted Year

  • 14 days, 12 nights  30.11.2022 2019
  • Braveheart – Braveheart  30.11.2022 1995
  • The sound of silence 30.11.2022 2019
  • The Witch: A New England Folk Tale 30.11.2022 2015
  • David 30.11.2022 2020
  • Juvenile Detective 30.11.2022 2020
  • Until the last death 30.11.2022 2019
  • French exit 30.11.2022 2021
  • Hugo and his invention 30.11.2022 2011
  • How to become a thug 30.11.2022 2020
  • Knuckle Dust Club 30.11.2022 2020
  • Chronicle of Secrets: The Wrong Man 30.11.2022 2019
  • Chronicle of Secrets: Found 30.11.2022 2019
  • Chronicle of Secrets: Bound by the Vine 30.11.2022 2019
  • The shape of the water 30.11.2022 2017
  • Argument 30.11.2022 2020
  • Forest Newsletter 30.11.2022 2018
  • Mission: Impossible II 30.11.2022 2000
  • Mission: Impossible III 30.11.2022 2006
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 30.11.2022 2011
  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 30.11.2022 2015
  • Mission: Impossible 30.11.2022 1996
  • Monster Hunter 30.11.2022 2020
  • Dog 30.11.2022 2019
  • Nocka u Holly 30.11.2022 2020
  • night ride 30.11.2022 2019
  • Siege in Liperti Street 30.11.2022 2019
  • The last Serb in Croatia 30.11.2022 2019
  • Beautiful Mind 30.11.2022 2001
  • Pilate 30.11.2022 2020
  • Moult time 30.11.2022 2020
  • Ray 30.11.2022 2004
  • A kind of silence 30.11.2022 2019
  • Russian spleen 30.11.2022 2019
  • Order against order 30.11.2022 2015
  • Telephone 30.11.2022 2002
  • What you don’t know about me 30.11.2022 2019
  • Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri 30.11.2022 2017
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30.11.2022 2014
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 30.11.2022 2016
  • Smells 30.11.2022 2020
  • Return 30.11.2022 2018
  • Yellow Rose 30.11.2022 2019

Poor internet – why is it slow?

You are watching the latest series, but the projection is interrupted by a buffering error message. Or social media content takes so long to load that we’re even inclined not to look at it today. Slow loading of website elements is generally due to slow internet. But what is the cause of slow internet?

Check the infrastructure

The router may be responsible for the connection problems. If the internet was not working properly the first time you connected, you may need to reconfigure it. Updating the router software may also help to improve connection quality and speed . A virus in the router can also interfere. In many cases, your ISP will send a specialist to fix the problem.

However, before we call a specialist, it is worth looking at the rest of the possible problems. It is possible that the network cable is old or damaged. The WiFi router should be in a place where it will connect to devices without any construction obstacles. Therefore, it is worth checking whether if we bring the device closer to the router, whether the connection quality will not improve.

Or maybe it’s a problem on our side (laptop, phone, router)?

Too many devices at once

A common problem with the Internet in households where many people live is too many people using the connection. If the household members watch a high-quality movie, play computer games or download a lot of files from the Internet, depending on the router, it may turn out that it is not able to handle so many connections. A good solution is then to see if there will be an improvement if we disconnect one or more devices. If there is an improvement, it means that you need to change the router to a newer and faster one.

Virus, we do too much on the computer/laptop

The problem with the Internet may also result from our device. If you have a lot of open tabs, the Internet speed may decrease. It is worth assessing whether we do not have a virus on our computer. For example, he can mine cryptocurrencies for a criminal, which of course slows down the operation of all our equipment. It is then worth checking the Internet speed and response time, e.g. when opening files from the desktop. If we suspect a computer virus, it is necessary to use an antivirus.


After all, it is possible that your computer is overheating due to dirt and dust contamination. It may be important to check the CPU temperature as indicated by the system. In general, deleting unnecessary files and formatting the drive, and checking for updates to the device’s network card drivers may also help.

Often it’s not our fault

The provider itself may be responsible for connection problems. Internet outages can even affect entire regions. By calling the supplier’s hotline, we can report a failure or find out if the failure is temporary. In addition, Internet users report a failure on special websites.

After all , a slow connection may only affect selected pages . Typically, websites with a lot of ads or using a weak server will work slower. However, even large websites (Facebook, Instagram or Wikipedia) can have server failures.

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