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Atresplayer is the multimedia player of the Atresmedia group and includes popular channels such as Antena 3 and La Sexta, but also exclusive series from the renowned Veneno or Fariña. In this in-depth guide we explain everything it offers so you can get the most out of it.

Today not even traditional television channels can live with their backs to the Internet. With more reluctance than genuine interest, they have been forced to create online platforms to transfer their programming to the Internet.

Atresplayer guide

In this in-depth Atresplayer guide we are going to discover everything that the multimedia player of the Atresmedia group offers us , one of the most powerful in the Spanish audiovisual scene.

It has taken years, but the Atresplayer player already offers interesting performance and functionality , although still at some distance from platforms that work exclusively on the internet, such as Netflix or YouTube.
To be honest, television groups, for advertising reasons, are still interested in you watching their channels through DTT , where they can broadcast more advertisements and are also paid more for them . So somehow their online applications are not exploited to the fullest so that they remain a second option, and do not become the substitutes for classic television.
Compared to other specialized proposals, the image quality of Atresplayer is a bit fair, but quite acceptable. Users complain that there is excessive advertising. You have to see at least three ads when launching any content, and sporadic ads appear in between as well.

What content does Atresplayer offer?

Atresplayer is the online video platform of the Atresmedia group. Here you can see the programs, sports and exclusive series of the group’s channels: Antena 3, LaSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, and Atreseries .
It also offers some American series such as Modern Family , Family Guy , The Big Bang Theory and other foreign series.
It also includes the online channel Flooxer , a platform for short videos in the purest YouTube style, but created by television professionals. Atresplayer includes a telenovela pay channel called Novelas Nova , as well as other channels that have been added with exclusive content.

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What platforms is it available for?

  • Atresplayer is available on the computer from the browser (PC or Mac), tablets (iOS, Android and Windows) and smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows).
  • You have the app on Google Play and the App Store .
  • You will also find it in the form of an app on Samsung and LG Smart TVs , as well as those manufacturers that use the Android TV operating system.
  • It has also reached Vodafone TV and this is expected to represent a significant advance in the platform and the number of subscribers.
  • Your device must support one of these operating systems: Windows (XP or higher), OSX (10.5 or higher) and Linux. Atresplayer is available on iOS 10 and later and Android 4.2 and later.
  • Finally, it works in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 15 or higher and Safari.

Is it compatible with streaming devices?

Yes, Atresplayer can be broadcast from a mobile, tablet or computer to any screen without internet.
You can do this using a Google Chromecast device, Apple TV , set-top-boxes with Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick :

Can I watch the channels live?

Yes, all the mentioned Atresmedia channels are available live through Atresplayer.You simply have to click on the Live button that is displayed at the top of most applications, so that a guide appears with all the live channels, and what is being broadcast at that moment.

Can I see everything I want, when I want?

Unfortunately, this is not Netflix. You can only see the direct broadcast, and some programs and episodes of series broadcast in the last week that are kept in the Atresmedia Content Catalog. After a few days of its emission, the content disappears.
It is true that some series that were broadcast a long time ago or that the last season is currently being broadcast can be found complete, but this is not the case with all of them.
Atresplayer Premium paying users (now we’ll see what it is), have access to more series, and more content.

What image quality does it offer?

The content is available in the formats 360p to 4K, depending on the app and the screen used Old content has a native 480p resolution. The modern, 720p or 1080p. Only select series are at 4K.

Can I see content in VO?

Yes, there is content in the original version with subtitles . Although at first it was not very abundant, but most of the releases in other languages ??already include VO, a better one than many expected in Atresplayer and that helps to enjoy the platform more.

What is the recommended connection to watch Atresplayer?

If you want to see the content with a good image quality, in HD, you need a real 6 Mbps . In other words, a 10 Mb connection.For 4K content you need around 25 Mb. But it depends a lot on the number of users that are connected at the time.

Is Atresplayer free?

Yes, using Atresplayer is free , and you have access to all the live content and almost everything that is available in its catalog.However, there are two types of free users with different privileges and a paid subscription, with more advantages.

User types

Atresplayer accepts three types of users: Anonymous, Registered and Premium . Let’s see how they differ.

Registered user :

If you register for free with an email address, or through Google or Facebook, you get some advantages. You unlock the highest HD-4K image quality, with Dolby Digital Plus sound. You can continue watching a program or series where you left off, and you get notifications of the content you follow, and recommendations based on what you have seen. In addition, the catalog is expanded.

Premium user :

The Atresplayer Premium subscription costs 2.99 euros per month. If you subscribe you eliminate advertising, cuts and interruptions. You can access the last 7 days of all channels, and more series and programs that are not available to free users.
You can also download any content to view it offline, and move to any point in a live content.

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Payment packages

  • As we have mentioned, Atresplayer offers a Premium subscription that costs 4.99 euros per month . You can pay by credit card, PayPal.
  • Although later each of the platforms that offers it has its own rate, such as Vodafone TV .
  • If you subscribe you eliminate advertising, cuts and interruptions. You can access the last 7 days of all channels, and more series and programs that are not available to free users.
  • You can also download any content to view it offline, and move to any point in a live content.

Can I watch Atresplayer worldwide?

No problem, it is possible, but you have to subscribe to the Premium International package to have this possibility that will help you not to miss your favorite channels.

How to use Atresplayer

  • Using the Atresplayer player is very simple . As soon as you enter, on the cover, you can see the featured content, or that has been broadcast in recent days.
  • At the top you will find access to the different channels, as well as the direct one.
  • In the upper left corner is the menu that gives access to the catalog of series, programs, children, sports, and other categories.
  • In the upper right corner is the registration button, or login.
  • If you register and enter your MiAtresplayer account , you can access the content that you had left halfway to continue where you left off:
  • From MiAtresplayer it is also possible to subscribe to Premium packages, or activate devices that do not support account introduction, such as a Smart TV.
  • On the TV screen it will give you a code when trying to register, which you must enter in the Activate Device section of MiAtresplayer :
  • When you play content, at the bottom you will see different icons to see it in full screen.
  • You will also have the option of accessing the extra content (interviews, trailers, etc):
  • The most important is the Nut icon , which allows you to change the image quality, or access the VO and subtitles.

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