Live Streaming technology

The effect of live streaming on that of your business is vast: All this can be done thanks to live streaming tech. Whether you like the statement above or not is up to you but firmly stand behind it – live streaming has indeed had an enormous positive effect on the global economy!

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is when the streamed video is sent over the Internet in real time, without first being recorded and stored. Today, TV broadcasts, video game streams, and social media video can all be live-streamed.

Streaming is a technology that enables real-time sharing of information between parties involved. For instance, a sports broadcast would normally take place over a live television network with live commentary over the airwaves and on a dedicated sports channel, with live commentary coming from different people involved in the game. This is only possible due to the live streaming technologies. Now instead of watching the game, you can now see it happening and being analyzed on your computer screen right on your mobile phone!

What technology is used for video streaming?

264 codec (also known as AVC or Advanced Video Coding) for streaming, as this innovative codec allows HD video to be broadcast as the files are smaller after compression. Audio is compressed and decompressed just like video, and the most commonly used audio codecs are AAC and MP3

A lot of people do not realize that live streams have actually had a huge impact on a lot of business activities. With this technology, you can stream your business events and even conferences and meetings from your website to your mobile phone, so that anyone who wants to can watch and listen without the need of a web connection. Of course, this only works when the host site provides a video stream which is hosted using the live stream technology. Of course, some hosts do offer a standard web site for those who want to stream their events in a more conventional way.

Is YouTube live free?

Via live streaming on YouTube. Almost anyone with an internet connection can create a free YouTube channel and stream it live. However, your channel must be checked first and must have no restrictions on the live stream in the last 90 days. Read our full guide: How to Stream Live on YouTube. It’s free!

If you think about it, you will find that streaming technology can benefit businesses a lot. For one thing, you are able to offer customers a more personalized experience, as you will no longer need to make special requests for them, like you do for online chat. With this technology, you get your messages across much quicker, as people will simply be able to send and receive your message straight away, even if they are just surfing the Internet. That will no longer be necessary, since they will be able to access your website directly thanks to the live stream.

What is the purpose of streaming?

Streaming is a method of viewing video or listening to audio without actually downloading the media files. Streaming performance can be improved and buffer time reduced if the owner of the files uses a CDN.

In addition to this, you will no longer have to worry about having the same set up as everyone else at your business events. Since there is a lot of potential for variation, you will now be able to offer a better experience to your customers, especially those who live in different parts of the world. Since they will no longer have to travel long distances in order to attend your events, you will also now have a lot of people that can attend your events, thanks to the live stream technology. Without any problem.

What is video streaming and how does it work?

Video streaming allows the user to download video content while watching it. This saves time on buffering and allows content to be viewed online instead of storing it on a device.

Another great thing about streaming technology is that it has created opportunities for you to get to know your customers better, since you will no longer have to use your usual sales techniques to interact with your customers. Instead, you will be able to show your expertise through your content! And the real-time reaction of your customer’s queries is also shown on your website. This will definitely attract new customers and retain your current ones.

Future of live streaming

Live streaming technology has given birth to many different types of applications. One example is that of streaming video, where streaming videos are used for teleconferencing and conferencing. By using streaming video, companies are able to communicate with each other face to face, enabling them to stay in touch with each other for business purposes, even during business trips or even while on vacation, and still have the ability to see each other’s face while on the phone.

You can even use streaming technology to stream your live event. Now instead of having to set up a separate meeting room for all the guests, you can stream all the participants and your entire event on your website, where you can watch it on a big screen, or even stream it to a number of your phones and computers so that you can view it on all of them. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to interact with your customers. You can talk to them through text or voice chat, give them updates on your event, or answer their questions.

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