QuickBooks Error 404

QuickBooks is highly accessible software that offers a large number of online services. Many times the application fails to sync with Intuit servers and run into QuickBooks error 404. This error means that the web page you’re trying to reach could not be found on the server. You can run into this error while checking bank feeds, updating QuickBooks, accessing services such as Go Payments etc. If you are facing a similar issue, we will guide you through all possible causes and solutions through which you can fix it.

QB Error 404 message can appear on your screen in different ways.

  • Service messages error# 404
  • Intuit Error 404
  • Error 404 pages not found
  • QuickBooks update error 404

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 404 Service messages

The QuickBooks update error 404 is a Quickbooks sync error that happens when the QuickBooks Desktop cannot contact intuit servers. This error can happen in both QuickBooks Desktop and the QuickBooks online. It comes with an error message which portrays the existence of error 404.

There are different reasons that can possibly trigger Quickbooks 404 errors. The error is majorly associated with QB servers and your application. Let’s look at all possible causes for it.

  • Page or server is not sync-able(HTTPS protocol error)
  • An invalid or unavailable URL causes the service request to be rejected.
  • Crash command operation.
  • Dormant element.
  • Poor bandwidth and system latency.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 404

QuickBooks is one of the most prominent accounting software that we all love. The QuickBooks update error 404 is an error that comes up candidly on the screen. Usually, the update error shows a QuickBooks service message stating Quickbooks error 404 cannot complete this update.

The major reason that causes this error is that sometimes QuickBooks flunks in syncing data with Intuit Servers and this gap in communication between the server gives the user a result of error 404. QuickBooks run time errors are popularly known as update errors, you should not get confused with the name because the error 404 can be named in different ways.

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Verify your Bandwidth Latency

Poor internet condition is one big reason why people run into QB error 404. If you have a poor internet connection, it will be difficult for our system to load the web page, thus running into this error. Follow these steps in order to fix it.

  • Open any website that you open frequently.
  • Check if there is some lag while opening web settings, refresh the page and try again.
  • If you run into “Page Can’t be displayed” or “Connect to the Internet”, restart your router or web switch and retry accessing the URL once again.
  • You need to contact your service provider if you are still unable to open the web page.
  • Restart your system again.
  • Set Internet Explorer as your default browser, and then try completing the same task again.

Make Changes to your Web Settings

There is a possibility that your web settings are causing a hindrance in smooth server connection and thus causing the error. Follow these steps in order to fix it.

  • Start Internet Explorer and select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  • Tap on Security Tab and Click on Trusted Sites and then sites.
  • Moving further, Add *.intuit.com and *.quickbooks.com as trusted sites.
  • Press on Close and then OK.
  • Log off from your company file and then Shut down QuickBooks.
  • Now Reopen QuickBooks and Run your company file.
  • Repeat the task you were performing when QuickBooks 404 error occurred.

Test Network Connectivity

The user is supposed to check the bandwidth of their internet, as said earlier, most of the problem lies within the connectivity of your server and the web page. A crucial factor that judges this is the bandwidth and ping of your internet connection and it can also cause QuickBooks Error 1328.

  • The initial step for the user is to open up the frequently opened website in the default browser.
  • If you are having any difficulty opening any of the URLs then you will have to refresh the internet settings.
  • In case you are still seeing the prompts like no internet connection or anything pertinent to it then you have to try turning off and on your internet.
  • If the user can’t access the URL still then it is recommended you contact the service provider of your internet.
    You can also restart your system and try again.

Update and Repair your QuickBooks Application

QuickBooks update error 404 can be due to an outdated version of the application. Thus, you can fix it by updating and repairing it

  • Open QuickBooks Application and tap on the Help menu.
  • Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop and wait for QuickBooks to completely update.
  • Close down QB after the update process is over.
  • Now open QB, run your company file, and repeat the task you performed when error 404 occurs. Follow these steps in case the error still pops up.
  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type “Appwiz.cpl” in the run box.
  • Choose QuickBooks from the list of installed programmed and Click on repair.
  • Wait till the repair is finished.

Optimum QuickBooks Performance, Reconfigure your System Settings

If your system is not running at full potential, there is a possibility that it might be the cause of QuickBooks error 404 service messages

  • Close down your company file and then shut down QuickBooks.
  • Update your Windows system and then Restart your system if required.
  • Now open internet explorer and then tap on Tools Menu and choose “Internet Options”.
  • Go to Advanced Tab and browse right to the bottom in the settings.
  • Checkmark TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.2 if they are not, and then press OK.
  • Close all programs and save the information that is currently in use.
  • Press on Windows + R simultaneously and type in “MSConfig“, and then tap on OK.
  • Click on General on the system configuration screen.
  • Go to Startup Selection and click on Selective startup, and press OK.
  • Now Restart your system.

Open QB Company File in privacy Mode

Cookies and cache are possible reasons for QuickBooks desktop error 404. Try running your QB company file in Incognito mode and performing the same task that resulted in this error. This will help you understand if the problem is with the web browser or not. Each web browser has a different way of accessing the incognito mode.

  • Google Chrome- Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Firefox – Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari- Control + Option + P
  • Microsoft edge / Internet Explorer – Ctrl + Shift + P
  • If this solution works, you need to go back to the browser you usually use and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete in order to clear the cache.

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