how to upload app in 9apps review, by developing your own app, you can do free upload and publish free app in 9Apps. There was a time when we used to have a phone called Java. But now everything happens at the tip of the fingers sitting at home. Today is the era of smartphones. The arrival of Google from Android in the smartphone has seen a revolutionary change. But uploading so many applications in this operating system is not a matter of a single company. In view of this, Google itself has created a platform for the customer, which is named Google Play Store, in which you can create and upload your own app.

What is 9apps

9apps is a platform in which all types of media applications like Games, Music, Entertainment, Tutorials, education, office, work, mobile app, Wallpaper and other types of trending feature apps and files can be downloaded. This is a Chinese company. This platform is the most popular after google play-store.9apps is developed by Alibaba Company.
You can upload any type of app file in 9apps. 9apps was started in 2013 in which 300 million users are using it till now.
Now we are going to tell you how to develop your own Android App and publish it on 9Apps. Before uploading the app in Google play store, its developer account has to be created, for this a charge of $ 25 has to be paid. But this is not the case in 9apps, it does not charge developer account.If you do not have the budget, then publish your apps on 9apps, when you start earning a lot, then you can publish the app on the play store as well.

How to earn money to Upload Android free App on 9Apps

Publishing the application file on 9apps is quite easy, read the step by step process carefully.First of all, search 9Apps Upload my App in Goggle, first open the link in it or click on the direct business. link. Now a form of a Contact Information will open in it. In this, you have to fill your details correctly to the following options

  • Email – Enter your email address in this.
  • Identity – If you will manage the app alone, then select Individual, if the app belongs to a company, then select
  • the company and write the name of that company.
  • Developer Name – Write your name or the name of the person who has developed the app in it.
  • Google Play link – If your app is on Play Store then give its link here.
  • Country of your location – Select the country where you live.
  • Contact Address – Fill your full address
  • Contact Name – Enter your full name in this
  • Phone Number – Enter your 10 Digit Phone Number in this.
  • Upload the Apk file of your app by clicking on it.
  • In this, you have to upload the Zip file of your app.

To create a zip file, first of all put all the files of the app in a folder, then right click on that folder then go to the Sent To option and click on the second number Compressed (zipped) folder in it. Your app’s zip file is ready.After that select that Zip folder and upload it. After that click on Submit in the last. Congratulation! Your app has been successfully uploaded.

After reviewing in 9Apps, your app will be published on 9Apps within 24 to 48 hours. As soon as the app is published, you will get a confirmation mail on your email. After publishing, you can earn money by monetizing your application on 9apps.

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How to Publish any Android Apps for Free

There are many independent Android app developers who design, code, and test the apps they’ve been working on, only to find that Google charges $ 25 to sign up as a developer and post to Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market.There are also independent developers who have not relied on pure development, but have chosen to use free third-party app building services and are also looking to publish their app for free.

Google Play / Android Market:

An excellent alternative market that existed before Google Play / Android Market is the French Android application market, SlideMe. Anyone can sign up for SlideMe as a developer and can upload their Android apps for free.

Alternatively, by using the Appsgeyser service to create your .apk file in the first place, your app will automatically be hosted on Appgeyser’s own network, although this is not as popular as the Google Play or SlideMe marketplaces.

The next option is to register on the Amazon App Market as an Android developer to upload your applications. However, it is currently only free for the first year, after which an annual fee of $ 99 applies. Amazon apps are also reviewed for quality before they go live, but there are certain benefits, such as the “Customers they also bought “.

Finally, the best way to upload and publish your Android apps for free is through In fact, you can load PC / Mac software, e-books, and is operated by CNET, which owns the sister site and has a very large distribution network. All the products you upload will be automatically added to the network and will appear on

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