What is VoLTE(Voice over LTE)?

There are several names for this type of technology, but exactly VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. You can also find it as 4G calls or voice over LTE .VoLTE technology is summarized in being able to make calls through 4G with all the advantages that this implies in terms of quality and a better network connection.

Previously, for voice communications between mobile phones, GSM or UMTS networks were used , while 3G and 4G networks were used to transmit data. VoLTE goes one step further and uses this latest network to make high definition calls .

With this technology, some operators allow you to send the voice in compressed packets and encode the voice signal, so the sound is much better and the calls much clearer.

Advantages and disadvantages of VoLTE calls

Like all relatively recent technologies, VoLTE calls present some interesting developments but also some drawbacks. We detail them below.

Advantages of VoLTE calls

“I hear you terrible.” “You hear a lot of noise.” Surely you have spoken or heard these phrases more than once. With VoLTE calls, forget about it. That is one of its advantages. There are many more:

  • Better sound: the use of 4G allows a higher quality because the audio is encoded, compressed and takes up less space. That allows the voice to arrive in high definition and there is a notable difference with other networks.
  • Lower battery consumption: VoLTE calls do not need to change networks. When we make a conventional call, our mobile, connected to a 4G network, has to switch to a 2G or 3G network and that involves energy expenditure.
  • Faster call set-up: it is twice as fast as a traditional call. The connection is almost instantaneous when dialing the number.
  • Charging per second: VoLTE calls are charged like any other call and do not consume data.
  • 4G connections: VoLTE calls can be combined with other data connections at maximum speed. You will be able to consult Google Maps while you speak for example.
  • No drops: the call will not be interrupted if there is no 4G coverage at any time. The connection will remain on 3G or 2G.

Disadvantages  of VoLTE technology

Not everything was going to be perfect with VoLTE. It also has some drawbacks that, in principle, will disappear as this technology evolves.

  • 4G network available: for which functions it is necessary to have 4G and not in all areas of Spain there is access to this network.
  • Compatibility: not all smartphones are compatible with these calls and it is necessary that the sender and receiver have it for the sound quality to be exceptional.
  • Operators: only four operators have launched VoLTE calls at the moment. You have to be a customer of one of them to access this advanced voice service.
  • Prepaid: customers with prepaid cards will have to wait to access VoLTE technology.

VoLTE Compatible Devices

One of the requirements that you must meet to benefit from VoLTE calls is to have a mobile phone that is compatible with this service and that is updated to the latest version of the operating system. As a reference, you should know that VoLTE technology began to be implemented , so many of the models that went on sale later are already compatible .

You can call through VoLTE if you have an iPhone 6 or higher and the same happens with those who have a

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or a later model
  • LG,
  • Motorola,
  • Huawei,
  • Sony,
  • Alcatel,
  • Wiko,
  • Oppo
  • Xiaomi

To make sure your smartphone is compatible, check with your telephone company , although there are only four that offer this service: Vodafone, Orange, Movistar and O2 . Each of them has its own list of devices.

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What companies offer VoLTE?

Only four companies have opted, at the moment, for VoLTE calls. This type of voice connections are counted as minutes that will be deducted from your bonus. In the rates of unlimited minutes you will have a wide sleeve to use this service and as for calls from outside Spain, they are counted the same as a conventional call, depending on the country in which you are.

Vodafone VoLTE

Vodafone was the first operator to deploy VoLTE in Spain in 2015 and after a pilot experience it launched it on the market with considerable success. This technology is available at all rates that include the British company’s mobile , so all its customers with compatible mobiles can enjoy high definition voice calls.

4G calls with Orange

Orange customers have enjoyed this network upgrade with VoLTE technology since 2016. All those individuals and freelancers who have contract rates with the orange operator can benefit from HD voice calls. It is available in more than 160 models from twelve phone brands.

VoLTE Movistar is called Voice 4G

Movistar’s VoLTE technology services are called 4G Voice and are activated automatically in most contract mobile customers that have a compatible smartphone . The list of mobile phones that already have this option can be consulted on their website.

O2, the latest to incorporate VoLTE calls

Since last March, O2 includes VoLTE technology in its mobile rates, all with unlimited calls, although at the moment it is only available for the Android operating system on some Samsung and Huawei phones. VoLTE calls have no additional cost.

How to activate VoLTE on your mobile phone

If your smartphone is compatible with VoLTE calls and your company provides this service, it may have been activated automatically, but if you want to check it, you just have to have your mobile phone handy. Remember that it must be updated to the latest version.

Activation in Apple:

This feature may be activated by default on iPhones, but to make sure, go to Settings> Mobile Data> Options> Activate VoLTE or LTE and ready to call!

Activation in Android:

It is possible that it has been activated automatically, but to check it go to Settings> Connections> Mobile networks. There should appear “VoLTE Calls” and you will only have to activate it in case it is not already.

It could happen that even having a compatible smartphone and having contracted the service with a company that offers this option, you will not be able to make VoLTE calls . In that case, you should contact your operator to resolve the problem, since VoLTE is not available throughout the Spanish geography.

Differences between VoLTE and Wifi calls

Although they might look the same, VoLTE calls and Wi-Fi calls are not exactly the same. In the first case, the calls will always use the 4G network if the device and the operator allow it. Instead, Wi-Fi calls will only come into operation when there is no conventional mobile coverage .

In Wi-Fi calls, it is not necessary to have 4G navigation, only a Wi-Fi access point . The one who receives the call can be connected to any type of network to answer. Only four operators have this service in their catalog: Movistar, O2, Orange and Amena .

Both types of call also share some characteristics. Neither of the two consume megabytes of your rate, but minutes, so they do not involve any higher costs on your final bill and roaming is priced as if it were a traditional call.

Future of VoLTE technology

4G calls have a long way to go. Operators want to increase the advanced voice services they provide and a world of possibilities opens up for them. They want to offer video calls, file transfer, video download or check Google Maps during the call, they even talk about offering a simultaneous translation service .

Companies that already offer VoLTE are in close contact with smartphone manufacturers to expand the catalog of compatible brands and models . They also want this technology to be available at prepaid rates and all the additional voice services they offer on conventional calls.

In addition, the list of operators that offer this improvement to the 4G network could grow in a short period of time. Companies like Pepephone have already shown their interest in having VoLTE as one more service for their clients.

Clearer and faster communications

In short, 4G not only means an improvement in connection speed, but also a better sound in your voice communications . Clarity, sharpness, speed without extra costs are always appreciated, but maybe your mobile is not compatible and the time has come to change your smartphone. We will have to keep an eye on the phone companies to see how VoLTE calls evolve .

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