One of the priorities of any event you plan or venue you manage is to ensure safety for everyone who will be there. In addition, ensuring the correct operation of the necessary equipment is essential for your customer’s satisfaction. That’s why renting power generators is so important.

However, there are variations in size, power and generator models that must be taken into account before renting. High power generators, ranging from 180 to 220 KVAS, for example, should be chosen for appropriate situations.

Understand when you should rent a generator with that power. Check now the occasions when this equipment is the most suitable to ensure a safe and organized environment .

use the electric generator in hospitals

Hospitals are places that need uninterrupted power supply and with a lot of overload. This happens because a hospital works 24 hours a day and with several equipment being used simultaneously.

Therefore, leasing a generator with high power, such as a 200 KVA one, is extremely important to maintain the well-being of patients. In this case, it is still recommended to use more than one generator because of the high demand that a power cut would generate on the appliances.

use the electric generator in shopping malls

Shopping malls are large places that accommodate different establishments. Shops, restaurants, cinemas and pharmacies are some of them. All of these environments are completely dependent on electricity to function properly.

A power outage could lead to the loss of numerous customers or the closure of activities at the site. Therefore, renting a generator with this high power is essential. As equipment with this voltage works for 13 hours, the risk of damage will be minimal in the event of a power failure.

use the electric generator long shows

Music concerts and festivals usually require numerous technologically advanced devices. All lights, speakers, musical instruments and screens need a high power supply to operate.

Therefore, generators for large, long-running events such as these should always be purchased. Equipment that provides energy for many hours is the most suitable. Thus, the show can happen safely and without damage.

Consult professionals in generator rental: If in doubt as to the correct generator power for a venue or event, consult experts in the field. That way, you will be well educated and you will surely make the best choice for your project.

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