Most people think that playing games is a waste of time and it is true if you are playing some senseless games for hours and forgot your daily routine. But some good games can help you in being both physically and mentally active. An excess of anything is bad but it is stated that if one plays games like Ludo, chess, or any other games that involve him in mental or physical activity can be a good source to live a healthy life. Before knowing about the benefits of  Online Ludo Game let’s discuss the history and rules of this game.

Ludo is one of the most popular ancient board games that originated in India and earlier it was called Pachisi. Ludo is a multiplayer game and can be played by maximum of 4 players at a time. Equipment that is necessary to play Ludo includes a square shaped-board, 4 tokens of the same color for each player, and dice which are rolled to get a number so players can move their tokens. Ludo is a magical game that if you play it with your loved ones then your bond gets stronger and you can spend some good time with friends or family.

Benefits of playing Ludo

People are running towards success and giving no time to their relatives, friends, or family but game like Ludo can solve this problem and help people to spend a joyful time together.

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Let’s see some benefits of playing Ludo.

Playing Ludo can increase Brain functionality

Not only Ludo but if you play any board game regularly then it can increase your brain functionalities. The reason behind this is that if you play board games like Ludo then you have to use your mind continuously that boosts your thinking capacity too.

Playing Ludo can bring people closer

As we know that Ludo is a multiplayer game and it can’t be played by a single player so the people who play this game of entertainment together come closer and enjoy a marvelous time. Whether you play Ludo with a completely unknown person, friends, or with family you can make your bond stronger with them.

Ludo can Release Stress

Do you have a lot of work pressure and you are suffering from hectic office days? Don’t worry Ludo is one of the stress buster games and it can divert your mind from every tension of your life. Nowadays, there are a lot of online Ludo platforms running in the market so you can play anywhere and anytime.

Increase Thinking Capacity and other skills

Ludo has more mental benefits other than relaxing your mind or releasing stress. Playing Ludo can increase your logical thinking capacity because in Ludo you have to make every step carefully so you have to use your mind to create your strategy and to create a strategy you have to think so much that enhances it. With the help of ludo, you can grow your focus and patience power that can help you in your daily life.

Impact on health

If a person plays Ludo regularly it can impact that person’s health positively. When a person is happy and relaxed then his body organs also become strong. After a stressful day if you play Ludo with your family or loved ones that can relax you and your blood pressure decreases. Thus, if the BP is low then there are a few chances of stroke, and heart disease which occurs due to high blood pressure.

Some Basic Rules of Ludo

  • Ludo is a multiplayer game and the maximum range of players to play the game at once is 4.
  • If a player gets 6 then only that player can bring his token out of the base.
  • The player who gets 6 gets an extra chance to roll the dice.
  • The player who takes all the 4 tokens into the house wins the game.
  • If a player’s token lands on an opponent’s token then that token is sent to the base again.

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