The gamer world has diversified so much that video game stores overflow with news that improve the gaming experience. In these stores, we can buy consoles from our favorite brand and gamer video games for Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox.

But we are also going to find PCs, monitors, keyboards and even accessories so that the mouse cable does not interrupt the free movement of our hand. All kinds of products designed to innovate and improve the day-to-day life of gamers.

Video game sales to The star products


Although the tendency of professional gamers is to play with a keyboard and mouse, consoles continue to retain their followers. When it comes to video game sales success , Sonny’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 One are undoubtedly among the top ranks.

A good complement to a modern console are wireless controllers that connect with Bluetooth and do not have annoying cables.

Video games

Among the most sought-after gamer video games we have Elden Ring, an epic fantasy role-playing game compatible with different consoles and PCs. Close behind in popularity is Horizon II Forbidden West, the PlayStation-exclusive apocalyptic game.

Pokémon Legends Arceus, from Nintendo Switch, and FIFA 22, the soccer simulator from EA Sports, are also among the stars of the moment.

PC Gamers

The PC is the heart of the game, and more and more gamers are turning to these computers that have it all. As they evolve, gamer video games demand more and more power, more memory, faster and more efficient processors, and good ventilation.

That’s why gaming PCs feature prominently in video game sales . Currently we can find gaming laptops, ideal for those who need to have their equipment in a portable version.

Gaming chairs

Undoubtedly, one of the stars of video game stores are gamers chairs, which are designed for those who spend many hours a day playing. These chairs are ergonomic, have armrests and backrest regulators, depending on the height of each person.

They also favor inclination, have wheels to guarantee free movement, and some include removable cushions that we can place under the neck.

Keyboards, mice

Gaming keyboards may seem merely decorative, but they are not. Illuminated keyboards allow quick and precise key placement. The best-selling keyboards are the mechanical ones, which, although they are a bit noisy, are ideal for gaming.

Gaming mice have greater button precision than a conventional mouse, they are more ergonomic and their design is usually more attractive. We can choose between a wireless or a wired mouse and add a bungee to ensure comfort in movement.

How to create any video game

The idea.

You need to have an idea of ​​what you want to do. Try to be realistic. Remember that it is only the beginning, so it is not necessary to have the idea fully developed. Realize that as you progress in your project, it will change. New ideas will come to you or someone will simply suggest new elements to incorporate into the creation of your video game.

The public.

Think about who your video game is going to address. You need to know what they think. Therefore, consider knowing what your family, your friends or the video game players themselves think. So little by little you will outline the game.

The competition.

See what other video game companies have done about the theme you have decided to develop. They can always inspire you to make yours. In addition, you can also have as a reference the opinions that users reflect in forums or the reviews of the video games themselves.

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