Having a YouTube channel right now can be a profitable way to make a living. How to do it if you don’t want to record yourself in front of a camera?

How to start YouTube channel

I am a consumer of YouTube videos. In the morning they serve me to train me in different subjects. They have recently helped me make a decision about which type of company in which country is the best right now for my business. Early in this process I signed up for a tax advisor’s mailing list that I had seen on YouTube .

YouTube how to channel information personal number

A commercial called me a day later to sell me a course for 5,000 euros. I have considered it seriously because the tax savings achieved through this training would have been exceeded by a multiple. Right now I no longer need it because my level of knowledge on this subject is quite high and I have found a way to make savings legally through months of self-training on YouTube.

Right now I follow current events through here too. I am looking for voices contrary to what you hear in the news and for this, without a doubt, this is a suitable place. It has crossed my mind to create a YouTube channel but I still think that personal branding is not something that really interests me. As many positive things as it may have, it also has quite a few negatives.

A YouTube channel without going in front of the camera

The one who is afraid of the typical YouTube trolls is not interested in confrontation or the typical negative comments that arise naturally. There is no fame without paying some price. There are ways to launch a YouTube channel without having to expose yourself so much on a personal level.

Hire a Youtuber (unknown)

Hiring a well-known Youtuber is not a viable option because what it will cost you is unlikely to compensate what you will be able to get in the medium or long term through this investment. The ideal would be to find someone who is interested in appearing on YouTube but does not have the resources, means or recording knowledge to be able to do so. Here there may be synergies in a collaboration where you share income and/or pay x amount for each uploaded video.

A video based on a podcast

You find more and more videos on YouTube that have a cover image that does not change during the entire viewing and the audio is that of a podcast. If you already have one you simply have to convert an MP3 into an MP4. If you don’t have it yet, you can simply consider recording your voice and then giving it double benefit: to create a podcast and to launch your YouTube channel.

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An animated video

If you want to do a little better you have to find someone on Fiverr who will turn that voice recording into a video animation. It is also a very typical format and I estimate that an important part of the people who work on freelance platforms like Freelance are dedicated to that. The complicated thing is at the beginning to find a suitable person who will generate a service with a reasonable price-quality ratio.

These are three options that have occurred to me to launch a YouTube channel without having to go out in front of the camera. There may be even more. Without a doubt, if you have no problems showing your face, it is always preferable since it will be much easier to connect with the audience. Channels like “Work from Home” with more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube show that it is not absolutely essential either.

Best way to earn money online is to create videos on YouTube

I see videos that are related to digital marketing, Amazon, Ebay, finance, productivity, etc. This means that from time to time you come across a YouTuber who has hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers.

What is now also fashionable on YouTube is that they all share their monthly, weekly or even daily income. Yesterday I was amazed at how much a YouTuber from the US was earning who had started his channel three years ago and already had more than 2 million subscribers: more than 4,500 dollars a day on his main channel and then about 500 dollars on a secondary channel.

One reason behind this level of income is also this: there has never been so much publicity from people who promise you quick money by setting up an online business.
I am clear about one thing. I am not going to create a YouTube channel because it is not the type of business I want to set up. That for me is more giving people advice on how to get rich when the “only” thing you have achieved is making money with YouTube and affiliate programs that you have derived from the videos. Let’s see, it has its merits but maybe not everyone is into this YouTube thing.

What you have to be clear about is one thing. Although it is not my favorite way of generating income, I see it as one that is perfectly accessible to everyone. Do this for two years .

  • Find a topic that you are passionate about.
  • Post a video every day from Monday to Friday.
  • Improve the process and content on the fly.

Most people are not able to do it for that long. They jump ship early because they don’t have the discipline and patience that the whole process requires. They are not hungry, at most a little hungry.
For me today YouTube is the best way to earn money online. It is clear that there are many more but YouTube in theory “nothing else” requires perseverance to reach levels of followers after 1-2 years that can allow you to live on it or even more.

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