The WhatsApp Business is an app that adds several useful tools for the business world. Learn how to use it to give your business a UP! The WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging application most used in the world, and Brazil is no exception, especially if we take into account that the Brazilian people love to stay in the cell.

Research from 2019 indicated that look at their cell phone almost 100 times in the first hour after they wake up. A staggering number. And even more incredible is knowing that most of these “peeks” are to check some social network.

But as most of these social networks were initially designed for personal use, the companies responsible for the Apps began to include functions more focused on the needs that companies had to reach their audience, in the case of WhatsApp, the company decided to separate these features into two distinct Apps: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business .

What is WhatsApp Business?

The WhatsApp Business is the aggregation, the WhatsApp , several useful tools for business and “official” something that already happened a long time – companies, especially smaller ones, used the application to interact with customers.

Why use WhatsApp Business ?

The App is focused on business use so it brings specific tools to help business profiles. Among the main tools available we can list:

  • business profile
  • Fast and automatic messages
  • Metrics
  • Hang tags
  • Group creation and administration
  • Verified Account

How to use Whatsapp Business to boost your business?

Just like any other tool, WhatsApp Business must be used correctly, it’s not just because it’s a tool made for business that your success will be guaranteed.

Tips to use your WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business can be used in conjunction with other tools, but it has to be treated and reported as if it were your brand identity. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the personal from the professional when you are in the app because it is almost identical to the normal version of the app, which we use with our friends and family.

In addition, the app allows the company to use a verification seal, and provide complete information about the business, such as address, description and opening hours, signaling to their contacts that they are talking to a company.

Automatic replies and messages on WhatsApp Business

One of the great advantages of using WhatsApp Business is the functionality to set automatic messages, interesting for those moments when the customer initiates the conversation.

For example: informing the customer that their message will be responded to shortly, though not immediately, when the customer initiates a conversation outside of your working hours. Or even a disclaimer saying that your WhatsApp business is only used for business purposes.

Personalized content and promotions

With WhatsApp Business, communication is more professional, secure and reliable, but with a more personal touch as well. And there is certainly no standard for what to do.

It is interesting to use the tools provided by the application to launch personalized content for your customers and in a format suitable for the platform. Create more practical and efficient connections with your audience, reaching them in a segmented and individual way.

These are just tips, how you will actually use your WhatsApp Business is a decision that depends on the type of profile, and image, you want to create. Making the most of the tools is essential, but always remember to add a touch of creativity to make your profile work your way.

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