When it comes to running a business, with the move firmly towards remote or hybrid working following the pandemic, internet speed and connection is more important than ever before.

Modern businesses looking to allow the employees the flexibility to work outside of the office will be demanding that same internet speed and reliable connection wherever their employees might be, posing new challenges for Internet Service Providers.

Here are five things businesses expect as a minimum:

Sufficient bandwidth for the business to operate

When looking at an internet service provider the key issue for any business is the correct bandwidth to allow the business to operate, whether everyone is in the office, or workers are remote some, or all of the time.

Key elements the business will be considering are the speed required and how many devices will need to be connected, as well as the security and logistics for remote connection for employees potentially.

Businesses will also need to look at which options are the most reliable and cost-effective, whether it’s cable internet service, fiber, or DSL. More sensibly investing in 10G connection can bring in noticeable results in office productivity.

Good internet service providers will be able to make all of this clear and easy to understand for their business customers.

Security of all internet connections

Although the speed is a key issue for businesses, this mustn’t be developed to the detriment of internet security. All businesses need to know that their ISP is not only providing them with the most appropriate, and fastest internet connection possible, but that it is also protected from attacks and threats.

For most businesses this is such a high risk that the security aspect will be one of their biggest priorities going forward, and with remote and hybrid working, ensuring security for remote employees will make this factor even more complicated.

The ideal upload and download speeds

If your business needs to upload or download large files throughout the day, you need to make sure your internet service provider takes this into account. The number of people using the network and trying to download large files at the same time, shouldn’t end up disrupting your day to day business.

Internet service providers need to take into account this requirement for any business, when working out the internet speed and connection that best fits. It will be no use if the whole system slows down because one person needs to download a large file.

Using cloud-based phone systems

When working out the internet speed connection that you need for your business, one of the aspects which can affect it is if you plan to use VoIP or internet-based phone systems for employees.

Operating systems like VoIP can have an impact on your internet speed, as can hosting remote data back-ups and other cloud-based applications, so your ISP needs to be able to take all of this into account when getting the right internet speed for your business.

Making sure the system is future proof

While having the right internet speed for right now is all well and good, as a business you need to be planning ahead so when talking to your ISP, you need to make sure there is room in any agreement for the internet speed and bandwidth to grow.

If the company has exciting expansion plans in two to five years time, you need to know your internet speed won’t suddenly slow down as more users are added to the network, so be sure to discuss all of these possibilities and options with your internet service provider as part of the negotiations around getting the internet speed right.

If you are not sure what you company might need going forward then you could try talking to other similar businesses to find out what they do and what kind of deal they have secured with their own internet service providers.

Thinking about the future is not just about the speed, you need to make sure your ISP can help take your business forward with the times and that the service provided will enable your business to make use of any new innovations and technologies that might be developed.


When it comes to choosing the right ISP for your business, there are some key things to look for, including the speed of your internet connection to make sure your business can operate freely and smoothly.

However, that’s not the only thing you need to take into consideration. Security, flexibility, reliability, and the option to expand and develop as technology advances in the future, all need to be taken into account alongside the speed of your internet service.

The five elements above are the minimum that any business, no matter what the size, should expect from their internet service provider in the modern world.


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