What is an elevator pitch?

The first thing we should understand is what an elevator pitch is. Its name in English literally means elevator speech, referring to the situation that I have raised to the only one in the article.
This technique seeks to shorten the strength of the great speech and argument by developing four differentiating factors:

  • who proposes
  • what do you propose,
  • so that,
  • for whom it is

How to structure an elevator pitch?

Due to the very short time you have to convey certain information as clearly as possible, your elevator pitch must be perfectly structured in your head and be so specific that you can get to the point without wasting a second rambling.
For this we will choose only the specific points of your project that can generate enough interest so that the person to whom you present it gives you a second chance to go into details.

With this we can say that the objective of an elevator pitch is not to present your project in detail, but to present an idea in the other person’s head that generates enough curiosity to give you their number or schedule an appointment.

Target audience of your elevator pitch

  • For the elevator pitch technique to be useful for you, you will first have to have a very well defined who you are going to talk to.
  • Are you a partner? Is a customer? Are you an investor?
  • In other words, you have to know your prey very well to know what bait to use, which is why big business men are called “sharks”, since they are hunters in every sense of the word.
  • So to stand out in the business world and achieve your goal, you need to start thinking more like a shark.
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Structure your pitch elevator

If we keep thinking about this elevator situation, we know that it would be a chance encounter that you should take advantage of. Do not think of a premeditated business appointment, where you will be received and you will have all the time to introduce yourself; because an elevator pitch is not like that.

In this technique you are a complete stranger to the person you are going to talk to and you will have to find a perfect speech to get closer, without looking like a lunatic.

This speech must have the three “C’s”: Casual, Concrete and with Figures.

  • Casual: The tone of this talk should be casual, remember you are a stranger to that person.
  • Concrete: Remember that one of the main characteristics of an elevator pitch is that you are against the clock, so you don’t have time to tell the story of your life. You must get to the point!
  • Numbers: The best way to make a real impact, especially in the business world, is with numbers.
  • Without a doubt, including figures or hard data in your approach phrase will increase the chances that that person will give you their attention.

Take a Shocking Close-up

How would you start a conversation in an elevator with that business man or woman?
You can start with a question like:

  •  Did you know what…?
  • Have you heard about…?

The best way to start with your elevator pitch is by posing a real problem from which your project or initiative has arisen, presenting hard data that supports the situation, in this way you will generate a need.

Explicitly mention what you are looking for

This step is extremely important and makes the difference between remaining as a great piece of information in the head of the person you have spoken to and really involving them in the project.
Remember, you have to be specific.

Why are you telling him this? What do you want from him or her? Why have you considered him and not someone else?
We know that talking about money can be a bit awkward, especially when you are in a situation where you are asking for it, but remember you are dealing with a business person, there is nothing personal here, both of you know that there will be money involved

Make a call to Action

Before saying goodbye, make sure you get the contact card or phone number of this person and put on the table.

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