Founded on 12 July 1930 in the beautiful country of Russia, Samara State Medical University is known as the ideal place to pursue an medical education in Russia. Popularly referred to as SamSMU and is located in the huge city of Samara, Russia. Getting an ideal college for MBBS is a desire for many aspirants, as getting into an ideal college can turn you into an exceptional doctor.

Samara State Medical University is a modern college with a century-old history. They teach personnel for practical healthcare, develop science and develop superior technologies.

Today, Samara State Medical University is one of the largest and most authoritative universities in Russia and one of the first-class medical universities in our country.

“We create the medicine of the future” is the main motto of the University.

There are 8 faculties withinside the college which includes medical faculty, and over 65 educational departments. The college has offered many graduated college students to date together with 17650 physicians at the Medical faculty.

SamSMU has 8 institutions, over 15 specialized diagnostic and treatment facilities, 14 departments, and 90 chairs. The coaching staff is 622 people, out of the 14 are academicians and corresponding individuals of several departments, 100 professors and PhDs, and 386 partner professors. There are 6 professional committees that examine studies and issue degrees in certain fields.

Approximately 6000 college students are studying at Samara State Medical University.

Impressed! So was I. this university can really turn up into a real deal for your medical career. SamSMU is ranked high among all the medical aspirants, wait you don’t know the reason? No problem, here I am to introduce you to the university more closely. 

Why SamSMU Ranked High? 

Here are the reasons why SamSMU is ranked highly –

  • At college, future experts get hold of notable education – six educational packages of the Samara State Medical University are identified as the “Best educational packages of innovative Russia ” , and this fame is confirmed annually. 
  • The packages “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics”  are included withinside the European Register of Accredited Higher Education Programs DEQAR .
  • Samara State Medical University has 8 instructional institutes and 80 departments , wherein instructors with high honorary titles and medical degrees work. 
  • Training takes place on modern equipment, tons of which was developed withinside the college’s own research and production techno park .
  • The college consists of its personal multidisciplinary clinics with nearly 1000 beds, wherein college students gain sensible experience “at the bedside”.
  • At Samara State Medical University, you can’t only examine, but additionally engage in science – withinside the structure of the college there are 8 personal research institutes , wherein research is carried out withinside the most relevant and modern areas.
  • Samara State Medical University is a prestigious college that is included in Russian and international rankings of the best universities. In 2021, the college strengthened its function in The University Impact Rankings in line with the Times Higher Education magazine.
  • About 7,000 college students, residents and graduate college students study at the college each year, and more than 10,000 professionals improve their skills.

Goals university wants to achieve for the betterment of future aspirants:

Goal is something which is needed in every individual’s life. Because if you can’t imagine your future, how can you construct it? Whether you run a business or do a job you need to think about your destiny and as every establishment run on a future goal here are the goals university wants to achieve for the betterment of future aspirants – 

  • The strategic aim of the college is national leadership in the digitization of healthcare. This is a trend in medicine that allows you to enhance the excellent and accessibility of hospital therapy to the population and on the same time increase the productiveness of processes in medical institutions.
  • Training of exceptionally competitive medical and pharmaceutical personnel
  • Development and implementation of innovative technologies, services and products withinside the high-tech region of the digital economy “IT-medicine”
  • Creation of advanced medical knowledge
  • Providing a complete variety of hospital treatment to increase the duration and quality of lifestyles of the country’s population

Pillars of Samara State Medical University:

There are always some kind of pillars which makes the university stand at the top. 

These pillars may vary from university to university depending on what they offer. And this can also be an aspect to judge a university about their excellence. At SamSMU there are some pillars which take the university all the way to the top. So following are the pillars which makes university more ideal –

  • Education – The college has everything to emerge as a competitive specialist: a logical organization of the educational process, notably certified teachers and an extremely good material and technical base.
  • Science and innovation – Samara State Medical University conducts essential and applied studies that are consistent with international trends and priority areas for the improvement of medical science.
  • Clinics – Clinics of Samara State Medical University offer primary fitness care, specialized and high-tech hospital therapy to citizens of the Samara region and different regions of the country, citizens of foreign countries.
  • Sports and creativity – Samara State Medical University has its very own sports activities and gym,  outdoor sports grounds. There are 10 sports sections in the Department of Physical Education.

This was all the summary which forms a structure of medical education at Samara State Medical University. The institute has built many partnerships with more than 40 Russian and worldwide organizations. And according to statistics, Samara Medical University is indexed at the high enrollment page, presenting high possibilities of admission to students.

You can name Russia as the medical hub of the world as the majority of world class institutes are situated there which makes these universities more valuable. The term ideal is enough for you to go for it. So what are you waiting for ? pack your bags, tighten your seat belts and get ready for a thrilling medical ride to Russia. And yes! As you are in Russia, enjoy a bit of your time.

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