Having a space at home dedicated to nature is most relaxing: plants, skylights, or spaces decorated with animal prints, birds and fish! There are many ways to achieve this look , and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Decorating with nature at home is a trend of 2022 , and it is not for less, since everyone wants to get closer to it in quarantine! How about we show you some ways to achieve that unique style to your home? You can not lose this.

Decorate with nature at home: a trend for 2022

The natural style decoration gives a feeling of being outside, connected with mother nature, without the need to leave the house! That is one of the advantages, and one that has set a trend lately due to the quarantine in the pandemic. In addition, you should not worry about expenses, since it is quite cheap to achieve the change . Without further ado, let’s see how to achieve it.

Use wooden furniture

Wooden furniture should be in the space you want to decorate with nature . The oak, or if you prefer walnut, are the ones that attract the most attention. They are perfect to complement whites, and combine with most elements that may be around. Do you prefer something more flashy? Then you can choose something more sophisticated: bamboo!

Decorating with bamboo may require maintenance, such as varnishing and protection against moisture. However, once it is in your room, with furniture or chairs, it will be the center of attention!

Animal painted wallpaper

If you prefer something closer to the jungle , which evokes nature itself, you can add wallpaper painted with animals or those popularly known as “Animal Print”. There are many spectacular designs to put on your wall: canine paws, zebra stripes or felines. It is great to be able to combine this type of decoration with other elements of the house, such as rugs or patterns on cushions. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get them!

In addition to animal wallpaper , you can add flower designs to your walls . If you search you will find all kinds: unicolor, multicolor, with relief. There is where to choose! So you can give free rein to your imagination to decorate with nature.

Plants: a priority in decoration with nature

The plants should be in your new natural decorative style. What more natural than a proper specimen of orchids? If you have little space, you can opt for bonsai, or ferns: they are perfect to place near windows or corners, since they do not require extreme sun or care.

wooden shutters

Once again, wood plays an important role in natural style decoration . Specifically, the use of wooden shutters is recommended , which is especially suitable for both homes and office spaces. Of course: look for colors that adapt to the rest of the decoration at home. Opting for bamboo is also one of the best options, since its warm color is enhanced by the passage of light.

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Carpets are the ideal resource to make your home cozy  Or to put a touch of creative and different color in your home. It is that the rugs are not only an aesthetic element, but also bring warmth to the environment and help to feel comfortable in the room, adding that softness of the textiles.

The rugs are capable of turning a space without a soul into the most comfortable and welcoming room , and offer a whole range of possibilities so that your home looks like never before.

But not all are advantages with the rugs. They also require certain obligations : it is a “must” that you can take care of your carpet in the right way . To do this, you must apply a good cleaning routine to them , to achieve better maintenance. So while robot vacuums are all the rage these days, they’re not the best option for cleaning delicate carpets.

Carpets: the definitive touch of warmth in your home

If you have a quality carpet , it is best that you can clean it with the best possible broom vacuum cleaner , using the most recommended brush : choose the most suitable option so that you can achieve its correct cleaning, according to the type of material, type and length of hair, etc…

When buying your rug , we advise you not to look only at the price . Also make sure that it is the size, color and material you need. If not, it will be very difficult to make it look good in your house.

So here we answer all your questions so that you can make all your decoration ideas come true using rugs

Do not choose your rug from any material

Pay close attention to the material the rugs are made of . Especially when buying them. Some materials are cheaper. Others are fashionable. And others may be phenomenal, such as rugs made of materials such as sisal or other natural fibers. But some of these materials cannot be cleaned very well .

On the other hand, if you place your rug in a place that is susceptible to stains, or if you have pets, it is best to use a rug made of a material that is washable .

How to place carpets in the living room?

  • The most important thing is not to fall short when it comes to the size of your rug . Try that the rug you choose is at least 20 or 30 centimeters wider than your sofa.
  • Thus, in the living room , the ideal situation is that all the legs of a piece of furniture are located on it . But if this is not possible, at least the front legs should be .
  • Put a big enough rug , and then you can put your furniture on it; but the rug has to be big enough to reach the end of each piece of furniture and you can still see the edge on the other side of the armchairs. While if the furniture is small, the rug should be so large that all the legs are on it.
  • If we have only one rug in a room, it is best that it be in the center, well centered. However, in a large space, rugs are the perfect element to visually and easily separate areas , creating different zones.
  • In the case of the dining room , the rug should follow the same shape as the table . That is, if your table were round, the rug should also be round. And in the same way if the dining room is rectangular.
  • To place it, it is always convenient to leave a space between the edge of the rug and the wall. In addition, both the table and the chairs must be inside the rug.
  • And we must bear in mind that, when we move backwards to sit down or get up, the chairs continue without stepping on the ground.
  • And finally, in a bedroom , the ideal is to occupy the space at the foot of the bed and the bedside tables.

How to make the carpet not move?

You must fix them. To achieve this, always remember to place a non-slip base underneath , especially in those areas with the greatest movement. Otherwise, it is very likely that in a short time you will find your carpet rolled up, with folds, or in another part of your house.

How to clean a carpet with a vacuum cleaner in the correct way?

At the beginning we discussed the importance of taking good care of your carpet, vacuuming it well. When you inhale, try not to have obstacles around you. Always vacuum from top to bottom . And be sure to clean the filter or change the vacuum bag before it’s full of debris that will reduce suction power.

Also, larger rugs should be thoroughly cleaned about once a year to remove anything a vacuum doesn’t remove. And for small ones, the more you shake them when cleaning them, the better.

A final trick: so that the rug wears out equally in all areas, it is advisable to change its orientation regularly .

What color to choose the rug?

It is a reality that, if you choose it with neutral tones and simple prints, you will not take risks. But the rugs are perfect to give a touch of creativity if you opt for a bright pattern or have a lot of color . Our advice: in case the rug ends up under a piece of furniture and most of the pattern is finally not visible, then it is better to choose a different one.

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