The use of Cloud computing services has significantly increased in recent years and one of the major elements responsible for the same is the Covid-19 outbreak. This newfound reach and ever-growing user base also make cloud platforms a prime target for hackers, therefore requiring better IT or cloud security management or outsourcing. The following statement includes a set of tips by Cloud Security Experts from one of the leading IT Consulting Firm in California. Let’s Begin!

 Always keep Backups

Backups are just like a second chance for your business. When dealing with user data or in-service providing platforms, backups can minimize the organization’s loss of a great amount of data while also acting as a source of easy and fast recovery. Backup servers are completely hidden from users and are designed in a way to be more secure due to the requirement of nearly no user interaction or any third-party program. Also, if an organization can set up an offline backup server, it would just be icing on the cake.


An extra step of encryption of all incoming and outgoing data can do wonders. From rendering data useless for any unauthorized viewers to preventing mid-transfer attacks or even from network-based Man-In-The-Middle attacks while using public networks, encryption is one of the most essential needs in today’s cloud-based business models. Leading cybersecurity services California can easily facilitate an effective encryption algorithm that will employ end-to-end data encryption, between server and users.

Optimize User Access Controls

Under this general category, the organization has to manage how much & what kind of access they provide to their users. This will limit the risk of the loss of useful data in case a junior level member becomes a victim of a cyber exploit while also ensuring that only the respective department of the organization is at risk if a certain department manager or a senior member is exploited. In the end, it’s all about the proper separation of administration accounts from user/low access accounts.

Experts from the leading IT Consulting Firm in California also state, “By providing accurate tools to users to track & manage their activity, an organization can not only increase work efficiency but also their account security.” Hence, make sure to provide options such as recent login activity, all allowed devices, connected apps/sites, etc. in every user’s cloud account management panel.

Apply Latest Security Patches

Cloud Applications or Database Management Programs can release occasional fixes which in some cases auto-apply, while in others have to be applied/installed manually. In this case, make sure to always put this task in your list of priorities as it will help you stay safe from even the most recent-found security vulnerabilities. There have been instances in the past where just due to ignorance in a similar matter, companies have lost a lot of precious data, customers & faced a huge economic loss. Therefore, be smart and be sharp.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

A set of username and password is no more enough solution to a hack-proof use of service. An organization should always try to promote the use of multi-factor authentication services like USB keys, fingerprint login devices, two-factor authentication, etc. This will disable attackers to profit from basic, yet the most used phishing & brute-force attacks while also increasing the chances of detecting suspicious activity at the same time.

For further security improvements, an organization can also search for “Who is the best IT consulting firms?” and contact them to create an effective multi-factor login protocol. This high-end multi-step-based login protocol can at the same time be both effective and secure, completely blocking even the advanced attacks or login attempts from unauthorized sources.

Use Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker is a rapidly popularizing software that acts as a bridge between a user and the server while giving access to a variety of advanced security tools and acting as a security policy enforcement center to apply them to all kinds of access requests, irrespective of who or from where it might be originated hence, also acting as a place to track or restrict the user actions.

Secure Endpoints

The major part of maintaining security is using effective tools that have the inbuilt capabilities of maintaining security for an efficient and secure digital experience. Therefore, the best IT Consulting Firm California advises using a cloud-based application for employees to access the cloud instead of regular browsers. This practice will help to take the security of cloud platforms to the next level by limiting/blocking the access request from any other source and maintaining secrecy.

While this suggestion of using a cloud-based application seems very efficient at first, an organization should also make sure that they have a very simple platform for the same and they teach their employees how to properly conduct daily operations using that application to avoid any kinds of unexpected delay.

In Conclusion: A company must not only focus on maintaining security, but it should also regulate the access and the degree of powers a user controls to lower the risks of data loss or any unexpected third-party interference.

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