Stock manipulations are the most common scams in the stock market. Traders, brokers and even investors use them to earn more money with little work used. But if you’re a retail investor or new to market, here are some tips on how to identify manipulation before it happens. You can take advice from investment advisory.

The main goal of this market is to either make profits or losses. These gains and losses can be substantial because they could mean the difference between wealth and poverty. With this there is always a risk factor attached to investments, especially stock market ones since they are volatile and unpredictable. Investors usually trade stocks on the basis of their knowledge, investment experience, and their own research abilities. Due to their lack of knowledge, retail investors may not always be read the market situation correctly and may get caught up in speculative bubbles. Look for best stock advisor in India.

Stock manipulation is the practice of manipulating prices of securities traded in the market by various techniques. Manipulation occurs due to a variety of factors such as front running and wash sales. One method used to manipulate stock prices is to create artificial demand when there is no actual market need.

Ways in which stocks are manipulated

Fake News

While the media (and other sources) are filled with stories of companies going bankrupt, manipulating stock prices and run-ins with regulatory agencies. The spread of fake news has become so bad that some people feel that it’s not only affecting the world at large through the media but also potentially damaging our economy by creating false expectations.

It’s important to be informed so that you can make educated decisions about stocks, investments, and your overall financial future. Companies that provide financial advice should also be able to verify information before passing on the information to their clients.

Pump and Dump

The pump and dump is a dark market tactic that consists of a group of people engaging in a pump-and-dump scheme to artificially inflate the price of a stock or industry. If a large amount of shares is pumped (pumped being defined as the purchase of an asset at an artificially high price for no other reason than to increase its price) by an investor, then someone will sell those shares (dump them) just before the market falls.

Pump and dump schemes are a way for a small group of people to get rich very quickly at the expense of unsuspecting investors. It involves intimidating other investors into buying stock by making false statements or promises. Then, once they have been tricked into buying the stock, they sell it at a profit.

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How you can Find Out Stock Manipulation

Sudden change in average trading volume

The sudden change in average trading volume of a stock is considered one of the ways for traders to exploit the market. A sudden rise in trading volume does not represent a healthy trend, and it can indicate that there are illegal activities happening inside the market.

Since this is the case, there should be a connection between an abnormally strong rise in price or volume and the occurrence of news on a company’s financials.

Spoofing The Tape

Spoofing is the practice of making a false market or closing order entry to trick others into thinking a stock is moving in a direction that it’s not actually going. This can involve placing an order to buy or sell at a given price, with the intent of cancelling it before execution.

There are many techniques used by the manipulators to manipulate the market, but perhaps the most famous is front running. In front running, a stock trader buys or sells shares of a stock before others do in order to gain an advantage at the expense of others.

Unexplained stock price movements

Stock price movements can be quite frustrating for retail investors. On the one hand, you have to rely on fundamental and technical analysis to find out the best stocks to invest in, but then your hopes are shattered when the stock prices simply go up and down. If this happens repeatedly, it can make a big dent in your investments.

There are many reasons that stocks can move. The most common is due to underlying factors in the economy, the business sector or specific companies. Another category of reasons for stock price movements are related to cheating investors. A third category is due to fraud and manipulation by insiders that are not trading on the open market.

Weak fundamentals

Retail investors often focus on strong fundamentals as the basis for their investment decisions, assuming that stocks with strong fundamentals are investment-worthy regardless of price. This behaviour can be dangerous to your long-term financial health. Stock manipulation occurs when the buying and selling prices for a stock move sharply in one direction or another in relation to the underlying value of the company.

It is a common practice that stock price is dependent on the fundamentals of particular company. This can be seen in various ways, such as: good cash flows and earnings, increasing ROE, large reserves and so on. In addition to these details, unlike in other kind of investment, retail investors are exposed to stock manipulation by their own side.

Stock market investors have been known to manipulate share prices either knowingly or unknowingly in order to reap large financial gains. While this tactic may sound like something out of a movie, it is actually quite common how some traders try to take advantage of the market conditions and make money regardless of how the actual fundamental conditions in the companies they invest in are.


As an investor, you don’t have to worry about the stock market falling again. The fact is, whether a company is fraudulent or not, it doesn’t really matter to you as long as its share price keeps going up. It’s no way a bad thing to have a lot of money invested in stocks since it’s considered one of the safest investments that most investors can make.

In this article, we aim to provide an example of how a retail investor can use technical indicators to check whether stock manipulation is taking place. This could help you avoid huge losses in investing and save money from falling into bear traps. You want to make money, especially during this bear market. Many retail investors are attracted to this strategy as they don’t know how stock exchanges work and they think it is easy to make money. However, in reality, it is not easy. It requires you learn a lot about the stock market in order to be successful.

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