Things to know about Bitcoin exchanges

A Bitcoin exchange is an online platform where you can buy and sell this virtual currency. People use Bitcoin exchanges also to convert other digital currencies into Bitcoin and vice versa. These platforms reflect the current price of this digital asset.

Using a Bitcoin exchange requires you to register first and then link the platform to your bank account or other payment method. After that, you can load your cryptocurrency exchange account with fiat money and use it to buy Bitcoin.

Also, on the cryptocurrency exchange you can convert Bitcoin into a fiat currency such as the US dollar. After that, you can withdraw the funds via the same method you used to load them into your Bitcoin exchange account.
Generally, this is how digital currency exchanges work. But these platforms vary and Bitcoin users should be interested in choosing the most appropriate cryptocurrency exchanges.

Research Bitcoin Exchanges

Maybe you want to buy or sell Bitcoin from your digital wallets. Perhaps, you received the tokens from selling a product or providing a service. In that case, a cryptocurrency exchange like could be ideal to sell your digital assets. However, you will come across several platforms that claim to be the best option for you.

Before registering with any crypto exchange:

  • Please investigate thoroughly.
  • For example, consider the level of trust in the platform by reading reviews that other users have written about it.
  • Remember that a cryptocurrency exchange may require you to share private information.
  • Make sure it is a platform that you can trust this data.


In the world of cryptocurrencies there are frauds and scams. Keep this in mind when searching for the cryptocurrency exchange to sign up and use for Bitcoin trading . If cybercriminals hack a cryptocurrency exchange, they can disappear with a significant percentage of your investment. Therefore, please be aware of the security measures implemented by the platforms before registering with them.

At the same time, make sure that the platform you use to buy or sell Bitcoin is legitimate. For example, you can search for the physical address of the cryptocurrency exchange. If you cannot find this address, do not use it to trade Bitcoin. This is because transparency is a symbol of legitimacy.

Additionally, you may not have an idea of ​​the often thorny legal implications of your investment if you do not know the location of the cryptocurrency exchange. Also, it will be difficult to address hacking issues if you don’t know the location of the Bitcoin exchange.

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Consider the fees

While you don’t want to consider the fees a Bitcoin exchange charges just to decide if it’s right for you, this factor can be a turn off. Cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to easily buy Bitcoin may charge you a high fee. At the same time, higher fees could be a worthwhile trade-off if they provide better insurance and protections. Cryptocurrency exchanges could charge a fixed price. But these are usually a percentage for each trade .

In some cases, charges fluctuate based on price volatility. Most of the platforms charge the fees per transaction. Also, the amount differs based on whether you are buying or selling Bitcoin. Therefore, research the different Bitcoin exchanges when choosing a platform with the best rates.


If your goal is to trade Bitcoin, choose a platform with sufficient trading volume . This way, your Bitcoin holdings will be relatively liquid, meaning you can sell them quickly. Also, the Bitcoin exchanges with the highest trading volumes are the most popular. This is because they allow people to buy and sell Bitcoins faster.

How to ensure access to your Bitcoins

Estate planning involves organizing the estate to ensure that your loved ones have access to it after your death. In addition, estate planning reduces the tax obligations that come with inheritance while protecting the rights of the people involved under the law.

Since Bitcoin is undoubtedly a relatively new asset, you may need some professionals to include it in your wealth planning. For example, you may need a tax advisor and attorney to include Bitcoin in your estate plan.

Allow your descendants access to your bitcoins

Every Bitcoin owner has a unique situation. Therefore, experts recommend speaking with a professional financial advisor when planning to include Bitcoin in a will. However, make sure your loved ones have access to your Bitcoins after your death by doing certain things. At the same time, make sure your Bitcoin holdings are safe from hackers and malicious people. Here’s how to ensure your dependents can access your Bitcoin holdings after your death.

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Create insider copies

Start by writing down essential information about your Bitcoin holdings. Mainly, these are the details of the instruments that people use in the cryptocurrency industry.

cryptocurrency exchanges

Most of the people use crypto exchanges some Software to buy and sell Bitcoin. In most cases, cryptocurrency exchanges are custodial and centralized, which means that once you deposit the funds into your account, they go to the account and the platform’s control. You will need login details such as a password to access the exchange.
If you die, the exchange will not contact your loved ones because they will not know that you have passed away. Taking note of the platforms you use to trade Bitcoin will allow your family to begin the process of controlling the digital assets in your account.

So please list all the cryptocurrency exchanges you use and the Bitcoin holdings on them. However, do not write passwords and login details on the same paper.

If you use a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, the procedure may be different. That’s because a decentralized platform allows you to control cryptocurrencies. This means that you can treat it like a digital wallet.


The procedure for custody wallets is the same as for centralized exchanges. However, when you have a non-custodial wallet, the best strategy is to start by creating your backup. You most likely did this during the onboarding process.
If you haven’t already, write down the wallet name and recovery phrase on a piece of paper. Keep this information safe in an envelope. If you store this information at home, keep it in a place where only trusted family members can access it. This could be in a bedroom closet or a safe.

Alternatively, you can open a safe deposit box with your bank and store the envelope there. Note that anyone can steal your Bitcoin holdings as long as they have the seed phrase in the envelope. Therefore, use a bank that maintains high security standards. Also, you can store your login details and passwords for custody exchanges in the same place.

After creating a backup of non-custodial wallets, make a list indicating the number of tokens in them. Also, include storage details and instructions for accessing them after your death.


To make sure your family doesn’t write off your devices thinking they’re useless, indicate where you’ve stored your cryptocurrencies. For example, you can specify that your yellow smartphone and purple computer are the important ones. But don’t make them easily accessible to everyone.

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