Launching a new business is not easy, and only the founders can understand the hardships. Multiple unprecedented events can happen and act as hindrances. And on top of that, there is constant pressure to work on marketing and brand engagement.

All this requires enormous attention, dedication, and time. However, if you have an idea about The tools needed to start a business, your job will become easier.

What are these tools, and how can you use them?

Keep reading to find the answer and also gain a helpful business startup toolkit.

How Can Tools Help Your Business?

You might be thinking, why should you invest in different tools. And we can only answer this question by telling you the benefits of using these tools. So, here is a list of benefits/reasons for using a business startup toolkit-

  • They assist you in saving money that you would have spent on hiring individuals.
  • You will save a lot of time as these tools will automate many mundane tasks.
  • You can efficiently keep track of your deadlines and project delivery.
  • A single tool can do the job of multiple people in comparatively less time.

Top 7 Tools for Your Startup

The value you gain from small business tools comes from their capacity to reduce a lot of the time and effort spent on mundane tasks.

There are a plethora of tools available on the market for different business needs. You can use these tools for almost everything, from marketing and research to organization and management. However, every startup will need a few common ones, and we have listed just those for you.

Here is a list of 7 powerful tools that will help you in the early days of your business. Have a look:


Whether big or small, all businesses need some form of project management software. And Trello is one of the best ones available.

Trello is an affordable and powerful project management tool that allows you to assign tasks easily. It also helps keep track of deadlines so that you can deliver projects on time.

Further, it makes use of Kanban boards, and there are cards within the boards. These cards describe activities that include lists for tracking project progress or categorizing items. You can also use tags of different colors, checklists, etc., on cards for better task allocation.

Additionally, you can easily customize the boards and cards of the platform. Hence, it is perfect for any type and size of a startup.

Microsoft Teams

This tool is perfect for team collaboration and communication.

Covid compelled us all to work from home, and this particular tool came to the rescue. It helped several organizations ensure that their task flow doesn’t get hampered.

Using this platform, you can schedule meetings, send audio messages, make separate channels for departments, upload and share files, etc. It won’t be wrong to call it your online office because it has it all.

Moreover, you can open different files of MS office software without leaving the platform. Isn’t it cool?

Mail Chimp

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating leads and converting them into customers. However, managing a big email marketing campaign can be a challenging task. And that is when email marketing tools like Mail Chimp come into the picture.

So, Mail Chimp helps you organize, create, and successfully drive our email marketing campaigns. Additionally, Behavioral targeting, A/B testing, bespoke templates, and complex segmentation are some of the options available. It also has drag-and-drop templates that allow users to produce professional, branded emails without any design experience.

Make your emails appealing and organized with the help of this amazing tool.

CRM Software

CRM software systems, often known as customer relationship management systems, are critical tools for building your small business.

They are vital for any business owner, whether it’s keeping an appealing social media profile or rapidly resolving consumer complaints. Hence, they help you in improving customer experience which will ultimately improve your customer retention rate.

There are many CRM software systems available on the market like Zoho, Salesforce, Open monster, etc. All of them have different packages and slightly different abilities. Explore a bit and choose the one that suits your business needs.


Social Media platforms like Twitter and Instagram can considerably contribute to your business growth. Almost all the budding businesses ensure to have a consistent social media presence.

Social media platforms can improve your brand image, generate leads, and spread the word for your business. However, all of this necessitates regular efforts, high-quality content creation, and timely posting. And this can be overwhelming for many business owners.

Nonetheless, using social media marketing and management tools like Hootsuite can save you from trouble. Hootsuite lets you manage different social media platforms by scheduling posts, tracking engagement, providing analytics, etc.

There are many other tools as well, and you can explore yourself and see what works best for you.


Whether big or small, every business needs to keep track of its finances. But hiring an accountant can be an expensive deal during the early stages.

Hence, it is best to use bookkeeping tools like Quickbook for financial tracking. Quickbooks is an easy-to-use platform that offers affordable services.


Meetings might be difficult to schedule. Emailing back and forth to set a date and time is inefficient and irritating. However, with the help of tools like Calendly, you can easily schedule meetings.

This tool allows the other person to select a meeting time from a list of alternatives you provide. Once they select a time, you both will receive an email, and your job is done.


The above points describe the essential tools that every small business needs to grow. They will help small businesses perform a wide range of functions. These tools will be helpful in generating business planning, project management, email marketing, team collaboration, and tracking traffic and business progress.

Also, if you want to learn how to use these tools successfully, check out Emerge Academy. They provide easy-to-understand courses for founders like you. You can gain remarkable skills by enrolling in their affordable courses.

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