PHD Full Form

The full form of PHD is ” Doctor of Philosophy “

The full form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy, it is a doctoral degree. To get this degree, a minimum of 3 years of study is required. But sometimes this course is also completed in 5 to 6 years. PhD is also called Ph.D, D.Phil or DPhil in many countries of the world.

Doctorate degree holder with his name Dr. There is no harm in using it. Its course is the most remarkable training and a person who earns this degree is considered to be exceptionally qualified in his field. It is a world class recognized post graduation program and it involves many years of research work and that is why this degree is awarded.

What is PhD

Today everyone wants that he should serve the society by becoming a doctor and provide new life to the people, so if you also want to become a doctor, then for this you have to do PhD, if you do PhD then you are a You can become a doctor.

After doing this degree, the word DR is added in front of the name of any degree holder which means doctor and after that he becomes a surgeon doctor and after that he can give his service in any hospital etc. PhD is the highest university degree of any subject, the subject from which you do a PhD course, you become an expert in that subject. After completing PhD course, you can work as a lecturer in a university or college and teach students.

PhD Course Full details

PhD is a higher course, after completing the course of PhD, you can use the word Doctor (Dr.) in front of your name. If you want to do PhD course then you must have graduation and master’s degree.

  • There are also many countries where PhD is considered to be the highest degree.
  • The subject from which you do PhD course, you are considered to be the knower of that subject.
  • To work as a professor in big colleges and institutes, it is necessary to do a PhD, PhD is a doctoral degree.
  • If you have seen the degree of professors of big colleges and universities, then the need of PhD will be written in their degree.
  • After doing PhD course, you are considered to be the knower of the subject with which you do this course and later you can also work in the position of researcher and analysis.

Qualification Required For PhD

If you want to do PhD, then for this you must have some special qualification, about which we are telling you.

  • It is necessary to pass post graduation after your graduation, along with it it is mandatory to have 60% marks in your post graduation.
  • To do PhD, you need to clear NET (National Eligibility Test) or you have to pass the entrance exam of the college or university in which you want to take admission.
  • Once you pass the entrance exam, after that you can start your studies by taking any subject as per your wish.
    You must be below 55 years of age to do this course, only then you can do this course.

Duration of PhD course

In India it takes 3 to 5 years to complete a PhD course , apart from this, there are many people who take more than 5 years to complete the course of PhD. It all depends on their research and guide, how long will it take to complete the PhD course. In some countries, the PhD course is completed in 3 years, such as in Japan, UK and France, the PhD course is completed in 3 years.

Fee for PhD Course

How much fee is charged for doing PhD course depends on the type of your college/institute, because all the colleges and institutes have their own different fees. Fees are very high in some colleges and less in some colleges, it depends on what kind of college your college is and what faculty your college is providing you. Talking about the average fee of PhD course, it takes about (20-40) thousand rupees in a year.

Stream of PhD

There are many streams available in India for PhD studies, which gives students from various disciplines a chance to do PhD. We have listed below various PhD streams in India.

  • Management Stream
  • Engineering Stream
  • Medical stream
  • Agriculture stream
  • Pharmacy Stream
  • Commerce Stream
  • Science Stream
  • Arts & Law Stream

How to do PhD

the course of PhD is very difficult, this course is also long, meaning it takes more time to do this course. Some qualifications are asked from us to do PhD course, what are the qualifications asked for doing PhD course, let’s get information about it.

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PHD Course subjects

  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Management Behavior
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics

Eligibility for PHD

If you want to do PhD course, then for that you have to be eligible, that means some qualification is sought for doing PhD course. The qualifications that are sought for pursuing PhD course are as follows-

  • If you want to do PhD course then your graduation and post graduation should be completed.
  • You must have passed with at least 60% marks in Poet Graduation, and it is necessary for the reserved category people to have 55% marks .
  • Your age should be less than 55 years, that means any person below 55 years can do this course.
  • It is necessary to clear NEET only then you will be eligible to do this course otherwise not.
  • You can do PhD course only in those subjects in which you have a master’s degree.

How to prepare for PhD

How can you prepare for PhD so that you do not have much trouble and you can easily complete this course, now we are going to give you information..

  • If you want to do a difficult course like PhD, then decide in advance that I have to do PhD course in future.
  • First of all, you should decide in advance the subject from which you want to do PhD course and try to get as much information as possible about it.
  • Take a PhD course in the subject in which you are more interested, it will be that you will enjoy reading and you will be able to do this course easily.
  • You must take that subject in 11th and 12th from which you have to do PhD course further.
  • Do graduation and masters also in the same subject from which you have to do PhD course.
  • Apart from this, whenever you get time, you can search about the same on the internet and get information about new topics.

Benefits of doing PhD course

There are many benefits to us by completing PhD course, some of which are as follows-

  • After completing the PhD course, the word doctor is automatically added to your name, which is a matter of great honor.
  • After completing PhD course, you can get a job anywhere very easily.
  • After completing PhD course, you become knowledgeable about the subject from which you have completed PhD course and you can also do research on it.
  • After completing the PhD course, you can also work as a lecturer or professor in a college or university.
  • After completing PhD course, you get a lot of respect in the society.
  • PhD is considered to be the highest degree of education, after doing this you become a great knower in the field of education and your respect and respect for the people increases.

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