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Current affairs or GK is one of the most vital sections of every government exams. No matter what exam you appear in, you will always find GK/current affairs making a vital section. Similarly, when it comes to the CLAT exam, you will find GK one of the most important parts of the exam. This section offers you about 35-40 questions with a mark weightage of 25%.

Further, the CLAT consortium, the conducting body of CLAT, clearly conveys that the CLAT exam will offer you questions from GK, but it will also offer you questions from GK.

This makes it clear that the aspirants preparing for the CLAT exams have to be more careful about GK. They need to focus on GK as compared to any other sections. So, if you are weak in GK, here in this study, you will know the best way to prepare for GK.

The best way to prepare GK for the CLAT exam

Concentrate on planning your preparations

If you want to get the best score in the GK section, you need to make a great plan initially. It is because; a plan will help you revise efficiently. For example, if you are willing to give GK preparation more time, you need to find out the topics you want to cover. You must make a plan on which topic you will spend what time. So, if you want to secure good marks in GK, make a plan, and act accordingly.

Don’t postpone your GK preparation for the last.

Many aspirants usually underrate GK in their preparation list. It is because; they think that GK will be easier to complete. However, you must know that GK is a subject that has no limits. You can get current affairs questions on recently occurred events. So, if you leave it for the last, you may miss out on most things. You must start your preparation with GK only.

Further, reading a newspaper is an ideal habit that will help you gain the most knowledge of GK. So, you can read the newspaper and make a note of popular events.

Bound your sources 

In fear of missing portions, most aspirants start reading GK from multiple sources; and this creates a burden on them. Further, different sources also create confusion on them. So, if you don’t want to create confusion, you must follow limited sources.

Emphasize on the syllabus 

This is the most reliable method to prepare for your GK. You must find out the CLAT syllabus and find out all the topics that will come. So, rather than reading everything, you must follow the CLAT syllabus. And read the topics that it covers.

Take part in online mock tests and quizzes

If you want to excel in your CLAT exams, you must participate in all the CLAT online mock tests. The mock tests usually offer you questions that are more likely to come in your exams. Further, it also contains a question that came in previous year’s exams. There are also quizzes available on many websites; you can take part in the quizzes to get the best score in your GK.

Make proper use of the Internet

Internet is one of the vast sources of GK. It offers you a plethora of platforms to prepare for your GK. So, as you have access to unlimited Internet, you can make good use of it. This will also help you secure good marks in your CLAT GK questions.


Wrapping up, this is how you can prepare best for your GK exams. Now that you know all the tips, you must make good use of them to score good marks in your CLAT test.