BPO full form

BPO full form “Business Process Outsourcing”

BPO is an outsourcing process in which a third party is involved in the management on the basis of a contract. BPO manages all the services of the back office such as Customer Support, IT Process and also has Human Resource, Finance, Accounting and some Front Office Management.

BPO is a third party process in which the company contracts with another company to do its additional important works. This work is separate from the core business of the company. By outsourcing its additional work, the company does not have to recruit additional employees and the company is able to focus well on its core business.

What is BPO

BPO is Business Process Outsourcing It is a process of business dealing where an organization hires another company to complete its task. Which is the core business of a company and in addition to this core business, any additional work that is needed by that company.

But if he is not a part of that company, then in such a situation, the company entrusts this extra work to any other company, where does this whole process go to BPO.

Types of BPO:

Offshore Outsourcing:

The company of one country entrusts the work of providing its services to the company of another country, enters into agreement with the company of another country, this process is called Offshore Outsourcing.
Onshore Outsourcing : A company entrusts the task of providing its services to another company, in which both the companies are from the same country. This process is called Onshore Outsourcing and Domestic (Domestic) Outsourcing.

Nearshore Outsourcing:

A company gives the work of providing its services to the local company around it, this process is called Nearshore Outsourcing.

Ways to BPO process

Back Office Outsourcing

This department is also there in any company. And this includes every task that comes under the internal process such as internal business functions of billing or purchasing and Front Office outsourcing. In which all these services given to the customer come like Marketing and Tech Support. It is a huge part of any company. But this is not Front Processing. Along with this, quality assurance, data entry, survey, data management, payment processing and accounts are all handled in it.

Front Office Outsourcing

It includes those services in which there is interaction with business people such as phone conversation, email, fax and customer interaction etc.

Types of BPO Services

ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services)

Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) is an important part of BPO Service. Which handles the company’s IT Solutions over the Internet. The list of services under ITeS is given below.

  • Technical Support
  • Production Support Analyst
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Social Media Handel

KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a common part of Business Process Outsourcing Service. Under which there is some part of the back-office work of the company. To get them done, the company takes the help of Outsource Services. The list of services under KPO services is given below.

  • Accounting & Financial Analysis
  • Legal Processes
  • Web Designing
  • Content Writer

LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing)

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a very important part of BPO Services. High-level workers are needed for this work. Who handles the legal work of the company.

  • Work Contract Paper
  • Drafting patent application
  • Company Logo Registration
  • Performing Legal research
  • Court Case

RPO (Research Process Outsourcing)

Many important works of the company come under RPO Services. For which a professional is needed. That’s why the company takes the help of Business Process Outsourcing Services. The work done by Research Process Outsourcing is given below.

  • Data Analytics
  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Investment Research and Planning
  • Lead Generate

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Career In BPO

If you want to do a job in the field of BPO, then first of all it is very important for you to decide whether you are looking at it as a long term career or in the short term you see it as a long term career only when you have someone else.

  • There is no professional degree and the chances of getting work in any other field are very less.
  • But if your field is different like, engineering , marketing, management etc.
  • So you would be better off looking at it as a short term career because experience in this field will not be counted in your core area.
  • Somewhere all the candidates work in this field due to financial constraints or for extra income and because of not getting jobs in their field. Right now , due to the coronavirus lockdown , there has been a lot of impact on BPO companies and their jobs, so at this time people are facing problem in getting jobs.

Qualification for BPO Job

To get a BPO job, the candidate should have some qualification. Which is very important to get a job in Business Process Outsourcing Companies. If you are also thinking of doing job in BPO company and it becomes very important for you to know that your qualification is eligible to get job in BPO!

  • To do a job in BPO, you must have a Graduation degree such as: BCA, B.COM, BA, BSC, MBA.
  • To become a good employer, it is necessary to have good communication skills.
  • It is necessary to have basic knowledge of computer.
  • To get the BPO job, the candidate’s behavior should be good.
  • Only the candidate who is updated with time can get the BPO Job.
  • Focusing on your target, you should come to fulfill it.
  • Only the candidate who gets the flowers early in any environment can achieve success.
  • To get a job in Call Canter, it is very important to have knowledge of English.
  • To become a Sales Executive, it is necessary to have Communication Skill, English Speaking, Sharp Minded.

Advantages & Disadvantages of BPO

Benefits of BPO Companies

Increase Sales & Productivity:

BPO enables companies to focus on their core business areas. It saves time and helps in expediting other projects and assisting their customer. Here expert people do the work efficiently, due to which the productivity improves.

Reduce Costs:

Which companies will not like to reduce their investment, BPO system does the important work of reducing business cost. BPO not only reduces the cost but also helps in increasing productivity and increasing revenue. Due to outsourcing, the company gets better services at lower rates, due to which they get the advantage of better market position as well as the competitive advantage.

System Utilization:

BPO enables maximum utilization of limited resources. Outsourcing helps in testing new manpower and reclaiming resources. This increases productivity and reduces business costs.

Disadvantages of BPO Job

Communication Problems:

In BPO there is often a possibility of communication problem between the customers and the customer care agent. As the customer says something else and the seller/employee hears something different, due to this the chances of misunderstanding increase. Many times customers also use abusive words.

Data is not secure

The biggest disadvantage of Business Process Outsourcing Services is that the company’s data is not secure. There is always a fear of it getting leaked. The company is completely dependent on the service provider. BPO Service Provider can misuse it anytime.

Job Timing:

No one time of work is fixed in this BPO Job. Employees have to go on duty even during the night, especially when they are on job in an international company, there is a possibility of health problems due to changing times. Sometimes the cast of the company increases. Due to which the company suffers.

Difference between BPO and Call Center

Many people believe that, BPO and call center are same and work process of both is also same but the truth is that call center is a part of BPO in a way but both are completely similar. It is not and their work process is also different to some extent.

  • BPO can be done both online and offline, so the call center is done online only.
  • Call center involves only making and receiving calls, then BPO includes mails, meetings, printing, documents, calls etc. is included.
  • BPO works like a system whose purpose is to increase the productivity of your business, while being a part of BPO includes helping your customer in the call center and promoting the product.
  • To get a job in BPO, knowledge of computer and good English is mandatory, so it is necessary to have basic computer knowledge and communication skills in the call center.
  • In BPO there are different departments like IT, finance, billing etc. But in the call center there is only calling department.

How does BPO work?

Most of the work in BPO is done over the phone or calling. It involves listening to customer’s problems and solving them. For this, first the Employee is given training. And there are two types of calling:

International BPO

International BPOs mostly go in Night Shift because they have International Company Involve for which work has to be done and according to their timings work is done in International BPO at night. The communication skill of the person working in it should be very good.

National BPO

National BPO has both Hindi and English section, these are national level BPO run. In this, the English of those who reduce it is also normal, then it goes on but it is necessary to have a way of talking and Problem Solving Attitude.

Due to BPO, the work of many companies has become easier and it also gives a surety to the company that their work will be completed and work will be done in the right direction. In today’s time BPO companies are doing very good business and growth is also very good in them. And the biggest thing is that a person does not need a lot of studies to do a job in this. Here the talent of the person is seen that how well he is working and on the same basis that person is promoted. In today’s time there are many big BPOs like Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Accenture etc.

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