Full Form of ISO

Full Form of ISO is “International Organization for Standardization”

The company or organization is checked by ISO, such as, product quality, quality, customer solution, purity and management systems etc. Then when it is certified that this company or organization is running properly, then this quality certificate is given by the ISO organization.

ISO This is a kind of Quality Standards Certificate which is given to a company, business or industry and more than 155 countries are members of ISO. ISO certification it also greatly helps for improving your business credibility along with business.

What is ISO ?

ISO is an organization whose job is to check the quality of the product, its management system etc. of any company or organization. Through this investigation, it is found out whether a company or organization is running properly or not. In this way we can say that ISO is a “Quality Standards Certificate”.

Purpose of ISO

The purpose of ISO is to promote trade, proprietary, commercial standards around the world. It is an independent organization that examines the quality, safety and efficiency of products and services manufactured by individual businesses or companies. The products or services that meet this criterion are assigned a standard i.e. Quality Standards.

Ensuring the quality and safety of all goods, services and systems at an international level. Its second objective is to develop cooperation in physical, scientific, technical and economic activities.

History of ISO

  • On 14 October 1946, representatives of 25 provinces gathered at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London and together it was decided to establish an international organization that would facilitate the coordination and integration of international standards.
  • After this, on 23 February 1947, ISO i.e International Organization for Standardization was established.
  • ISO is headquartered in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • ISO has more than 165 members. Apart from this, it also includes many technical committees and sub-committees which look after the development of human beings.
  • Currently 22,041 standards have been published through ISO.

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How to get ISO Certificate

International Standardization Organization does the work of checking the management systems of any company or industry that manufactures or produces any type of product.

Such as, ensuring the quality, safety and efficiency of product quality, service and systems, and purity etc. And after the completion of the investigation, it will be very easy for that company to sell its products and products.
Many people want to know how much is the application fee of ISO certificate. Let us tell you, the application fee of ISO Certificate completely depends on the size of your organization. If less people work in an organization, then take care of all these things, this ISO certification agency takes money from them. Let us know in detail on what basis the fees of ISO are determined:-

What is the size of the organization?

  • What is the number of employees in the organization?
  • organization process
  • What is the number of working shifts of the organization?
  • What is the complexity of the organization’s management system.
  • On this basis the application fee for ISO certification is determined. Along with this, the process time for ISO certification also varies from organization to organization. Let’s know:-
  • Small Organizations – 6 to 8 months
  • Medium Organization – 8 to 12 months
  • Large organizations – 12 to 15 months

Benefits of ISO

International standards are meant to assure the consumer that their products are reliable and of high quality. Let us know what are the benefits of ISO.

  • The main objective of ISO is to encourage the development of related activities, to help them in their intellectual, scientific and economic activities.
  • Whichever company gets the certificate of ISO, the product of that company gets credibility in the market. This also increases the credibility of the company.
  • To give international recognition to any product.
  • Such items increase customer confidence as well as attract new customers.
  • This helps the customers to differentiate between good and poor quality goods.
  • ISO It helps in reducing the barriers in business or industry.
  • One of the great advantages of ISO is that it has very clean behavior and it attracts new customers and helps in increasing their trust.
  • ISO is important in order to maintain its position in the market with competition among businesses and to provide high quality of production and services.
  • ISO It is very important in achieving accuracy and growth in industry or business.
  • ISO helps in increasing the credibility of the service and products in the market.
  • ISO certification helps in saving both money and time while increasing productivity at a lower cost.
  • The standard ensures consistent quality by defined standards, thereby reducing customer expectations associated with your products and services and resulting in customer satisfaction.
  • ISO certifies that these organizations or management systems are all involved in the manufacturing process, service documentation process.
  • Customers are able to buy pure and suitable products for themselves.
  • The company’s items and costs improve.
  • Through ISO, transparency and accuracy in business are increased.
  • This gives access to global markets.
  • The biggest advantage of international standards is that it minimizes the negative effects on the environment.
  • It is necessary to have ISO registration for the bidding of government tender. In such a situation, ISO registered companies can bid in it.

Function of ISO

The main function of ISO is that, whatever the company or any organization sells, their quality, service quality, customer’s solution, management system, safety and purity checks and after checking when it is found that That company or business is running smoothly.
After that ISO certificate is given to that company by ISO so that it can easily sell its product in the market and with this certificate it is also ensured that any product made by the company will not be available to any customers.

Types of “ISO” certification

  • ISO 9001 2008 :- Quality Management
  • ISO 10012 :- Measure Management System
  • ISO 14001 :- Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001 :- Information security Management
  • ISO 22008 :- Food Safety Management

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