Like never before, technology and science have shown their speed to create. 2021 was not far behind and brought out outstanding developments, here we mention some of the newest

The Covid-19 pandemic still set the tone for the healthcare sector in 2021. The virus, distance and confinement added new challenges for researchers and were also part of the hallmark of new products.To understand the speed with which innovation and medical science advance, it is enough to cite the example of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. Such is the case of the one developed by Pfizer and BioNtech inten months, Record time.

The objective of each year is to progress with the creation of quality medical articles or devices that, according to the needs of patients or specialists, offer benefits in treatment or diagnosis.In 2021, innovation was committed to making the lives of patients more comfortable. They highlight devices for self-monitoring from home, which helped to have accurate measurements and avoid transfers to health centers.

Magic mirror

Now you just have to look at yourself in the mirror for this device to perform a quick check of your body temperature, vital signs, skin analysis and even give beauty advice.Is named Themis, a tool known as a smart mirror that integrates several sensors that perform basic health checks every time the user looks into it.

The checking offers results on body temperature, vital signs, skin analysis, monitoring of women’s cycles, and even offers makeup, hair and skin care tutorials.For this, the mirror has a high-quality RGB camera, an IR temperature sensor and a UV light that analyzes the skin.

OMRON VitalSight

The OMRON company promoted this yearVitalsight, an instrument kit designed so hypertension patients can monitor and report accurate blood pressure data to their physicians without leaving home.

With the use of a smartphone, the results can be sent by the user or consulted by the doctor on a platform that keeps digital records.This device allows the health specialist to detect any abnormality in a timely manner if it occurs, and offers preventive or corrective treatment.

AtConsumer Electronics Show (CES)2021, a renowned international technology fair, was presented as the first remote monitoring service for hypertensive people designed to maintain control of the blood pressure of patients at risk, improve communication with the doctor and favor the exchange of data to optimize the treatments.

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Masks that monitor

The use of masks has become common during this health contingency. Among the innovations stands out that ofAirPop Active +, a fabric mask that has a unique sensor capable of monitoring the user’s breathing patterns and providing data on the quality of the outdoor air.

Meanwhile, the mask BreezeIt includes two silent fans that are capable of filtering and circulating the air. It is also equipped with a UV light that disinfects it while it is charging.Another innovation in this protection is that of Project Hazel, an intelligent, transparent, ventilated protector that filters the air and that has a microphone with amplifier to promote communication.

Virtual reality glasses that examine eyesight

One of the most notable innovations are the so-called VROR EYE, virtual reality glasses that include sensors that detect the movement of the eyes and stimulate them at the same time through images.

The sensor has an algorithm that simulates an eye exam that is compared with data from the user’s eyes. The results of the ophthalmic analysis that can be sent to any cell phone through the application of the product, with which it is possible to save a record for future follow-up of the treating physician.

Bracelet that measures glucose

Arguably the most uncomfortable when measuring glucose is the prick that is required to obtain the drop of blood. Aware of this, the Japanese company Quantum Operation Inc.developed a bracelet that only needs to be placed on the patient’s wrist and can measure vital signs using a spectrometer.

This device allows glucose, heart rate and even electrocardiography readings to be obtained at any time of the day, through a portable telephone, which also gives doctors the opportunity to have access to data for constant patient monitoring.

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